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This Text Adventure Game is Absolutely Toxic

Chapter 535 Cain's Coffin
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Chapter 535 Cain’s Coffin

 Catalina’s ‘last words’ were naturally released intentionally by Mu You.

Katrina is a fifth-generation vampire, and the majestic clan leader is unable to resist, in order to increase the terror of "Crazy Jack".

Especially the release of the news about the last ‘first generation vampire’, it caused a stir in the vampire community. Stars suddenly shone in the originally dead heart network, and all kinds of true and false news flew all over the sky.

 That night, when the vampires were in panic and spreading, Mu You had quietly set off to the seaside.

The City of Enoch is a city by the sea. Of course, because it is a closed scene, the so-called "sea" is actually a lake to the people here. As long as they drive towards the border, they will automatically get lost and then be forced to turn back.

And the mummy coffin that the Prince Regent was talking about is currently staying on a cargo cruise ship on the seaside.

 According to the Regent, this cruise ship is actually controlled by the Changers, and the people on it are basically vampires from the Changers clan.

Mu You now needs to sneak into the ship and find the location of the coffin.

  【You go into the water in the dark, take a small boat, and paddle towards the sea under the cover of darkness...】

The sea was silent in the middle of the night, with only one cargo ship sailing slowly on the sea. Looking from a distance, the heads of several crew members can be vaguely seen on the ship, patrolling back and forth. 】

  …You quickly approached the cargo ship, carefully steered the boat, tried not to make any noise, and moved under the cargo ship. 】

  【At this time, the voices of everyone on the boat could be heard clearly. 】

   "...Honestly, I have never seen such an evil thing. It is just a coffin, but I will feel dizzy just looking at it..."]

    “What do you think is hidden in that?”]

"It is said that he is an Egyptian pharaoh who is immortal for thousands of years. Anyway, I don't believe it. The only immortal thing in the world is a vampire!"]

 【"...That makes sense! How about we take a look again?"】

"Don't cause trouble, the boss said, no one is allowed to get close to that thing again before he comes back! Do you want to disobey?"]

   "No, no, I just thought, if that thing is placed in the wine storage room and no one is watching it, is it safe?"]

“What’s unsafe? The coffin is very evil. It is said that anyone who dared to come into close contact with it has committed suicide. Who dares to touch it...”]

   【You overheard some useful information, so you stopped lurking immediately, left the boat, and climbed up along the hull. 】

  【You see four vampires dressed as sailors, hanging out on the deck chatting in the breeze. 】

  【You activated ‘Existence’, and your sense of existence became extremely thin. 】

  【You tiptoed past the four people. The four of them didn't notice you. You quickly entered the cabin area...】

 Mu You has both a pocket watch and the infiltration skill of ‘Existence’. This kind of infiltration mission is relatively simple for him.

He happened to know the location of the coffin from the chat between the four of them, which saved him a lot of effort.

  Mu You then began to concentrate on controlling the character to infiltrate. He would activate the 'Existence' as soon as it cooled down. If he encountered a patrolman who could not avoid it, he would backtrack.

 After carefully sneaking along for about half an hour, they finally found what the four of them called the ‘wine storage room’.

   【The door to the wine storage room is not locked, and the door is ajar. 】

  【You activate your super sense and make sure there is no one around, then push the door open and enter. 】

The mellow aroma in the wine storage room is fragrant. You hunker down and wander among the wooden boxes filled with wine bottles, and soon find a piece of red cloth in the corner. 】

  【This piece of cloth is covered with a long object, which looks like the only thing in the room that looks like a 'coffin'. 】

  【You quickly stepped forward and pulled away the red cloth. 】

  【However, what was hidden under the red cloth was just an ordinary long wooden box. 】


Mu You finally understood why he always had a strange feeling after getting on the boat - everything went so smoothly, from overhearing the location of the coffin after getting on the boat, to avoiding inspections along the way, to finally arriving in this wine storage room , did not encounter any setbacks.

More importantly, for such an important thing, there was no one guarding the door, and the door was not even locked, as if it was deliberately welcoming others to steal it.

 “Look back…”

Aware that he might have fallen into a trap, Mu You pressed the watch without thinking.

                                                                                                                                                              As soon as you stepped into the wine storage room, you immediately exited and activated ‘Super Speed’. 】

  【In slow playback, you immediately turn around and run away. 】

  【However, just as you took a step forward, a figure appeared in front of you. 】

  【A young man wearing sunglasses appears in front of you. You instinctively try to escape by avoiding the other party, but the other party completely follows your footsteps in every move, and is obviously in a state of great speed. 】

  【From the strong aura on the young man's body, you quickly confirmed that the other person was a third-generation vampire. 】

Mu You was helpless.

  If it is the ordinary vampires on the deck, it can still resist for a while. If it is the third generation, it is better to be decent and not struggle.

However, Mu You was not too nervous. Judging from the situation, the other party should have discovered him before he got on the boat. If he wanted to take action, he could have done it long ago.

  【You gave up escaping, and the other party also stopped. In slow motion, he walked towards you and stretched out his hand: "Let me meet you. My name is Naz Mansoor, and I belong to the Changers clan."

  ""Rhine Liston, no clan." You also shook hands with the other party and introduced yourself. 】

["Very good!" Mansour seemed very satisfied with your self-introduction without a clan: "I'm glad that you haven't joined the regent's party yet... As for the current situation, I hope you don't mind. In fact, I I received the news that you will be sent by the regent to steal the sarcophagus, and I arranged all this just to see you and talk to you, without any malicious intent."]


 Mu You raised his eyebrows. Does this mean that the regent has his molest?

"What do you want to talk about?" As you spoke, your eyes couldn't help but drift towards the direction covered by the red cloth just now. 】

“It seems that you care about the sarcophagus.” Mansour caught your eyes and smiled: “It just so happens that the things I want to talk to you about also include this sarcophagus.”]

“Actually, the sarcophagus was still on the ship until last night, but when I woke up the next day, it had left.” Mansour said. 】

"Leave? Did you move the sarcophagus away?" you asked. 】

"No, I did not move it, nor did any of my men touch it, it left on its own."]

  【You cast a doubtful look at the young man. "I know this is difficult to understand. In fact, anyone who has personally come into contact with Tutankara is convinced that this is a thing with autonomous consciousness, just like it was discovered and brought back by us on its own initiative. If it wants to leave, none of us can stop it," Mansour explained. 】

["I guess the reason why the regent sent you here is that this coffin contains some kind of ancient plague virus that can destroy mankind, and I want to use this thing to deter other clans, right?" Mansour suddenly said Looking at you and asking. 】

  【You nod to indicate that he guessed it right, and ask, isn't that the case? 】

["So, that baby-faced prince is a liar, the kind who will do anything to achieve his goals." Mansour sneered and explained: "Tutankara's real name is called 'Cain's Coffin' ', buried inside is not an Egyptian pharaoh, but the remains of Cain, the first vampire in history!"]

Mu You frowned.

Didn’t Cain take over Lilith’s body? Moreover, after being judged, Lilith was left with only one head. Could this sarcophagus be the container used to store Lilith's head?

["The reason why the regent wanted to get the sarcophagus was not because he wanted to destroy it, but because he wanted to get Cain's power. As long as he got the sarcophagus, he could use Cain's remains to purify his bloodline and be promoted to the second generation, first generation, or even a higher level, thereby completely stabilizing his throne!"]

["Unfortunately, I have personally come into contact with the sarcophagus. I know very well that the things sealed inside are probably still alive and are frantically trying to come out. During the past few days when the sarcophagus was stored on the ship, it has repeatedly tricked my people into opening the sarcophagus. I stopped them all in time. I have a hunch that if the sarcophagus is opened, the city will usher in a real doomsday, but it will not be a plague doomsday, but everyone will be devoured by the things inside." Mansu Er said solemnly. 】

"So my original idea was to sink this sarcophagus to the bottom of the sea and seal it under water forever. Unfortunately, before I could do it, the things in the sarcophagus might have noticed my plan and escaped first." Mansu I said. 】

 Mu You raised his eyebrows. This is interesting. The regent and the leader of the revolutionaries had different opinions. One said that there was a virus in the coffin, and the other said that there was Cain in the coffin.

  Judging from both sides’ statements, Mu You thinks the latter is more credible.

Of course, whether what is buried inside is the source of the plague or the remains of Cain, it has nothing to do with Muyou. Mansour mentioned that this thing will actively 'bewitch' outsiders, so it is probably Catalina who warned him not to touch it. Mu You will stay away from this thing next.

  【You ask Mansour, since the sarcophagus has been lost, what else can I say to you? 】

"This is the focus of today's conversation - I hope that you can join the Changers Clan, no, to be precise, become the leader of the Changers Clan!" Mansour said. 】

 “???” Mu You looked confused. He understands persuading him to defect, but what's the point of making him the leader? Are the conditions for persuading surrender so generous these days?

“You are not the leader of the revolutionaries?” you asked. 】

“No, the revolutionaries have no leaders, we are just a group of idealists who came together for freedom.”]

["Today's vampire society is pathological. The ranks and classes among the vampires are too distinct. Because vampires can live forever, those who hold power will always be the old antiques at the top who have lived for hundreds or thousands of years. They want someone to give orders. They have a large number of human beings as blood relatives, and the next generation of blood relatives also create their own offspring for their own benefit, so they are trapped in an endless loop..."]

"We are tired of this kind of power struggle, so we became independent. The purpose of the establishment of the Changer Clan is that there are no rulers and ruled, and everyone in the clan is equal."]

["Unfortunately, such a system also makes us lack cohesion and have never been able to unite to overthrow the current aristocratic class. I know very well that if we want to overthrow the royal family, we must first have a real leader, a person who has both status and name." No less a leader than a regent."]

["And you, who has 'talent absorption', are the only person I know who has the potential in this area." Mansour finally revealed the real purpose of looking for you: "Join us, and we will do our best to help you gather energy." Combine all your talents to become the true vampire king!"]

  【You looked at the other person in confusion and asked: "Aren't you afraid that I will become the new regent after taking power?" ]

"Don't be afraid, because I know that you people from the outside world will disappear mysteriously in half a year and return to your own world. Only you outsiders will not be obsessed with the power here."]

["We promise that we will help you gather all the blood laws within one month, and you will lead us to overthrow the rule of the regent. In the remaining time, you can enjoy the luxurious life as a king here. Half a year later, You abdicate and leave, giving us a vampire city where everyone is equal. I think this is a very fair deal." Mansour said. 】


Mu You looked strange. He didn't expect the player to be so popular in this scene. All forces wanted to win over him, and they even gave away the throne for this.

Mu You shook his head. This man's words sounded nice. At first glance, they seemed to be better than the conditions offered by the regent.

 It's a pity that Catalina has already said that he has no friends here, and all the people who win over him are just to use him.

  【Mansour has sincerely extended his invitation, you choose...】

  【You politely evade, saying that this matter is of great importance and cannot be decided at the moment and needs some time to think about it. 】

"Of course, this is what it should be. If you figure it out, you can come to me at any time." Mansour did not force you to stay, and sent you off the freighter with a smile. 】

   【You returned to the shore in a small boat, your super-sensory powers were released, and you didn't realize there was anyone following you behind you. 】

  【You choose to go to...】

 Next, Mu You went to the regent's residence to make business arrangements.

  …You appear outside the Prince Regent's drawing room. You heard a loud argument coming from the hall. 】

   "...Crazy Jack, the first vampire, can't be wrong, must be the slave of Cain!"]

“Cain is about to be born, and the prophecy of ‘the end of the world by fire’ is about to come true, and soon we will all be finished..."]

  【"Calm down Kabatha, when Katarina was managing the Death Raiders before, she wasn't as reckless as you..."】

  【“But she is already dead and has become the first victim of the apocalypse of fire!”】

“Damn it, we shapeshifters don’t believe in the ‘fiery doomsday’. The prophecies of you **** like Laoshizi have never been accurate...”]

  【"That is, there are still 1st generation vampires? That's ridiculous. The 2nd generation vampires have been extinct for how many years. Who would believe such nonsense? If you have the guts, let him come to me!"】


  【Indistinct quarreling sounds continue to be heard in the hall, and some of them are still familiar to you. 】

Until a few minutes later, the quarreling finally stopped, and then the door was pushed open, and more than a dozen high-ranking vampires walked out one after another, with either sadness, anxiety, or sneers on their faces, and they left the building one after another. 】

   【You have just entered the hall. 】

  【At this time, the Prince Regent was sitting behind his desk, rubbing his eyebrows with a headache. The masked man stood respectfully behind him. 】

                           ∣                                 ifies in your arrival, the regent has lost his gloomy expression, restored his usual calmness, and looked at you with a smile on his face: "What's up, have you found the sarcophagus?" ]

【your choice…】

   Answer truthfully and tell the Prince Regent everything about tonight. 】

  【Selective answer, conceal what happened between you and Mansour. 】

 Mu You raised his eyebrows. Only two options were given here. He was sure that the administrator had definitely tampered with it. After the plots of both forces were triggered, the players were forced to make a choice.

 In fact, it is not difficult to understand. These two options respectively represent joining the side of the regent or joining the side of the changers.

No matter which side you join, players will be able to enjoy a comfortable environment and treatment in the next six months, but there is also the risk of being overthrown by the other side. Therefore, no matter which side you join, players must do their best to help their own side and overthrow the other force.

It’s a pity that Mu You is not ready to join either side. He just wants to continue to be his Jack, go out to scare people every day, collect blood laws, and then eat melon and watch the show.

 (End of this chapter)