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The Cannon Fodder of Fast Time Travel, She Chooses To Farm

Chapter 1152 Fengyue Female Supporting Farming in the Republic of China (3)
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  Xu Yin didn't know that her little friend spontaneously gave her an excuse to be strong and good at martial arts. She is busy now. It is not difficult to control these people, but how to manage them is difficult.

   "I can't see the smog in the nunnery, it looks like a romantic place... If you really like it so much, why don't you just return to vulgarity and send you to the song and dance hall in Shili Yangchang?"

  The sisters who were lying on the ground moaning in pain suddenly became angry: "Stop treating us like actors!"

   "But what are you doing like actors?" Xu Yin raised her eyebrows and asked back.


  Senior Aunt Fang, who considers herself to be the most educated of all the aunts, rubbed her arms and sat up, rebutting confidently:

"We are here for our livelihood, for this nunnery! Without our contribution, how can you people who go to the nunnery halfway have such a good life? When you come, you will have ready-made meals and quilts? We sacrifice our ego to fulfill the big ego Is there anything wrong?"

"You can really put money on your face!" Xu Yin said, and with a flying leg, she stopped the host who was about to sneak away quietly, "You can run if you want to! You can't run away after handing over the ill-gotten gains earned by squeezing the sisters." Late!"

  Yu Yuanyuan gritted her teeth: "You traitor! I really regret taking you in!"

  Xu Yin: "I'll return this sentence to you intact! The former host who passed away must have the same mood as you."


  Yu Yuanyuan wanted to die already.

  Even when she was at her worst, she was not as embarrassed as she is now.

  When she was young, she was coveted and sought after by dignitaries with her charming face and unparalleled talent;

  The Song family's business went bankrupt and collapsed, she had heard about it in advance, so she packed up her things and was ready to flee;

  After coming to Yaoshi'an, I haven't suffered any hardships. Although I am a half-aged woman, I still have the charm, and some men like it.

   It can be said that in Yu Yuanyuan's life, she only believed in two words: Yan and Qian.

  Her appearance gave her the foundation to deal with men, and thus brought her a steady stream of money.

   And money can save her from doing dirty work, so she can take care of her face and smooth hands in leisure.

Right now, this stinky girl who obviously has a face of peerless beauty and can eat the world with this face, not only does not obey her arrangement, but also wants to destroy the business she has managed to build up, and cut off her money. How does this not annoy her.

   But they couldn't beat her, so many of them teamed up, they couldn't beat a 15-year-old stinky girl, but they were controlled by her to death.

   Caressing her sore buttocks, trying to run but being stopped by Xu Yin, Yu Yuanyuan was mixed with shame and anger: "Damn girl, what the **** are you trying to do!"

  Xu Yin said with a smile: "I want the nunnery to return to its original cleanliness, and don't make it so smoky."

   After a pause, he added: "By the way, since I have a different view from yours, I will be the chairperson of the Pharmacist's Temple from now on! You won't object, will you?"

  Yu Yuanyuan is about to burst into tears, is this dead girl crazy? Open your mouth and want her host?

   Gritting teeth: "Why!!"

   "You can't beat me."


  Yu Yuanyuan was choked up by these words, and glanced at everyone, not believing that the people below would agree with such a rebellious act of a dead girl.

  However, the seniors and aunts were afraid of being beaten, and they dared not speak out, so they slandered in their hearts: This is the first time I have seen such a fresh and refined person grabbing the host position.

  The trousers huddled in the corner one by one, looking at their noses and hearts.

  They are very soft-spoken and dare not intervene in this dispute.

  But there seemed to be a beam of light in my heart: if someone else is the host, will the burden on their shoulders be lighter? Will the board and lodging be better?

Xu Yin glanced at the aunts and sisters: "Of course, you are all my seniors. I will not deduct your meals, and even if the houses are redistributed, I will not let you live in the utility room next to the hut. But the work in the nunnery , everyone takes turns to do it, and I will make a duty schedule later, and everyone will follow it. Don’t worry, everyone will have their turn for dirty and tiring tasks such as pouring night incense and fertilizing vegetable fields! Including this host I!"




   Let this **** girl say everything, what else can they say?

  Xu Yin took over Fengyue Nunnery smoothly... Cough, I was wrong, it was the presiding officer of Yaoshi Nunnery.

  Sisters...especially Yu Yuanyuan, of course objected, but the objection was useful so they wouldn't be beaten.

  God knows what this dead girl grew up on, she's stronger than a cow, she cracked the rafters with just a light blow, who can resist such brute force?

  No one can beat her, and she is unwilling to give up the money accumulated in the past so many years to go out of the nunnery, so she can only join in first, do what she wants, and then slowly figure it out.

  Xu Yin didn't give them a chance.

The first thing she did after taking over as the host was to ask Xu Pan'er to post a notice on the gate that "the nunnery will be closed for rectification from now on, it will not be open for the time being, and we will wait for notice when it will open", and then close the gate Locked down, began to rectify the internal affairs.

  A group of teachers and aunts are waiting in the backyard patio, waiting for the allocation of new houses.

  Master Fang kicked the stones under her feet angrily:

"Host... Senior Sister, she took away all our savings, and said that it will be credited after counting, and what account will be credited? It can't be the public account of the nunnery, right? I don't believe she is so kind. It must be the dove occupying the magpie's nest. Occupy our hard-earned gains over the past so many years. Sister, you have to find a way to make this female devil stop her actions..."

  Yu Yuanyuan ignored Aunt Fang's chatter, she was leaning against the trunk of the sweet-scented osmanthus tree with a wooden face, and was thinking of a countermeasure.

  The money she handed over was only on the surface, and she hid the bulk of it in a hidden compartment at the base of the wall in the presiding room.

   It's just that she is not the host now, that dead girl seems to know that she has hidden something, and ordered someone to guard the door of the host's room to prevent her from entering. How can she get back her things from the secret compartment?

  As long as those things are in her hands, she will leave here overnight, change to another nunnery to make a comeback, and continue her romantic career, and the ghost will join that **** girl's plan to rectify this dilapidated nunnery.

   "Senior Sister? Senior Sister?"

  Master Fang didn't dare to call Yu Yuanyuan "host" in front of everyone, so she changed her name to something she thought she was more familiar with.

  Yu Yuanyuan was impatient with her calling, every "senior sister" reminded her of her current embarrassment.

   "Leave me alone! I want to be quiet."

  At this time, there was a low cry mixed with surprise from the host's house.

"What's wrong?"

   "I seem to have found something."

   "The savings are all given to her, what else is there?"

   "When will we arrange housing for us, I'm so tired."

   "That's it! I've been tossing around for a long time, and there's no end to it! Anyway, I only have that little money in total, and if I search again, it's just that little..."

  The nun waiting in the courtyard heard the noise over there, and began to talk about it.

  Yu Yuanyuan's face instantly became ugly.

   Could it be that what she hid so secretly was also uncovered by that female devil? (end of this chapter)