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Sweet Seduction! Attractive Wife Sets Fire to Mr. Ji’s Heart

Chapter 294 Domineering CEO OS: Wife won't let me kiss you, right?
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  Even though she doesn't like to be restrained by nature and only likes to fight against others, she still loses herself in the gentle words of the other party.

   Both of them had a very happy meal. After the meal, Ji Jinxin wanted to look for his brother and sister-in-law, but after looking around for a long time, he didn't find anyone he wanted to see.

   "Huh? My brother, are they going back?"

  Ji Jinxin blinked suspiciously, she thought her brother would come and take her home after he had eaten and drank enough.

  But I didn't expect that no one saw his brother. Could it be that her brother has gone back?

  Ji Jinxin was really shocked, it was true, he didn't expect his brother to let her go so easily.

   "Then let's go too, it's still early, is there anywhere you want to go baby?"

  Jiang Yuwei stood up and looked at Ji Jinxin with a smile, wondering if there is any place this girl wants to go?

   "Let's go for a walk, it's still early..."

  Ji Jinxin stood up and picked up her bag, and took the initiative to hold Jiang Yuwei's hand. The two interlocked their fingers, holding each other's hand tightly, unwilling to let go.


  Jiang Yuwei turned his head to the side, looking at the girl with a bright smile, his eyes were full of doting.

  Leaving the lively Lao Yi Lao, the two walked into the road. The dim lights on both sides of the road slowly elongated their figures.

  They walked slowly like this, no one spoke first, but the surrounding atmosphere was very good.

  They all enjoyed the time of strolling with each other, no mobile phone, no other people's disturbance, only the two of them on this trail.

  Hands clasped with ten fingers, the temperature in the palms made the two of them remember this moment. The cool evening wind blew past, gently blowing the corners of their clothes, overlapping them...


   "Honey, why are you dragging me away? That little girl Ji Jinxin hasn't left yet, I want to see this little girl..."

   Before Ji Jinxian finished speaking, his mouth was covered by a pair of small hands, and Ji Jinxian who was covering his mouth was stunned.

   I don't understand why the good daughter-in-law covered his mouth?

   "You don't care about the young people. Ah Xin is not too young now, and it is very normal to fall in love. Don't tear them apart for me, or you will sleep in the study!"

  Shen Wanwan looked at Ji Jinxian viciously, she naturally hoped that Ji Jinxin would be happy, since this was Ji Jinxin's own choice.

  Then what her sister-in-law can do is to stabilize Ji Jinxian and prevent this so-called tyrant from making trouble.


  Hearing what his daughter-in-law said, Ji Jinxian shook his head hastily, and became obedient in an instant. He didn't want to sleep in the study room. The kitchen was freezing and cold. How could a wife's bed be warm?

   But what the daughter-in-law said is also right, that little girl Ji Jinxin is not too young anymore, it's time to find a husband's family to marry.

  However, the boy's character and aspects still need to be investigated. If his character is not up to standard, then don't blame him for being a good man.

   "That's good!"

  Shen Wanwan nodded in satisfaction, and let go of Ji Jinxian's mouth. Just as she was about to lead the other party forward, Ji Jinxian spoke.

   "I can assure you that I will not interfere with the matter of my wife and the others, but the premise of not intervening is that the boy's character and other aspects can withstand my investigation, if he cannot..."

  Ji Jinxian was interrupted by Shen Wanwan before he finished speaking.

   "Of course I know, no matter how much Ah Xin likes it, I firmly disagree with those who have bad character!"

  Shen Wanwan would not push her sister-in-law into the pit of fire. If the other party really can't stand Ji Jinxian's investigation, it proves that the other party's character is not good.

  They absolutely don’t allow Ji Jinxin’s future partner to be a person with poor character, even if the two seem to love each other very much.

   "My wife still understands me!"

  Ji Jinxian smiled and lowered his head to kiss Shen Wanwan. The latter was a little embarrassed by the kiss, and stretched out his hand, wanting to push Ji Jinxian.

   But the latter could not let her succeed, a smile flashed across Ji Jinxian's eyes, and he stretched out his hand to gently hold his wife's hand.

   Lowering your head, the distance between the two is getting closer...

  Looking at Ji Jinxian who was close at hand, Shen Wanwan blinked, eyes full of cunning.


  Looking at the person in front of him, Ji Jinxian murmured softly, wanting to kiss her, but Shen Wanwan reached out and covered her mouth.

   "No, let's go home quickly."

  Shen Wanwan looked at Ji Jinxian with a smile, and Ji Jinxian who was rejected looked at Shen Wanwan pitifully.


  Ji Jinxian was pitiful, and before Shen Wanwan could answer, he heard what Ji Jinxian was saying.

  【Why doesn’t my wife want to kiss me? Is it because my wife dislikes me? 】

  The more Ji Jinxian thought about it, the more he felt that there was such a possibility, and the expression on his face became even more aggrieved.

  Shen Wanwan: "..."

  Shen Wanwan didn't want to talk, but seeing Ji Jinxian's aggrieved look, she still sighed helplessly.

   "We're outside now, let's go home first, and then I'll let you kiss again, okay?"

  Shen Wanwan gently rubbed her hair while talking, seeing how f's daughter-in-law coaxed the puppy, Ji Jinxian still felt a little depressed.

   "Why can't you stay outside?"

  【Could it be because I can't get it out? 】

  【My wife doesn't think so now, does she? What should I do, am I going to be rejected by my wife at a young age? 】

  【Woohoo, I used to kiss my husband before, but now...】

  The more Ji Jinxian thought about it, the more aggrieved he felt that he might be abandoned by his wife, he wanted to cry thinking about it.

  Looking at Ji Jinxian's appearance, how could Shen Wanwan not know what the other party was thinking?

   "Good husband, mua~"

  Shen Wanwan kissed Ji Jinxian while talking, her own man, who does she not favor?

   "Hey, my wife is the best!"

  Ji Jinxian, who got his wife's kiss, was super happy, and his bad mood disappeared without a trace.

   Instead, he was happy, hehe, his precious wife kissed him!

   This proves that his wife still loves him!

  【Hee hee hee, my wife is really nice! There should be no one in the world happier than him, right? 】

  【Hey, I love my wife so much, I want to hug her and hold her high! 】

  Listening to what Ji Jinxian was saying, the corners of Shen Wanwan's mouth couldn't help twitching. This guy doesn't even know what to say about him.

   "Okay, let's go home quickly, I'm a little tired!"

  Although she thought so, Shen Wanwan stretched out her hand and gently rubbed her head, her eyes were full of love.

"Good wife!"

  Ji Jinxian nodded in a good mood, and took Shen Wanwan home happily. As for the matter of Ji Jinxin and her boyfriend, let's talk about it later.

   This kind of thing can't be rushed. The two have just met for a short time, so Ji Jinxian is naturally not worried that the two will have the idea of ​​​​marrying so soon.