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Portable Space: The Group Favorite Milk Bag Brings the Whole Family To Open and Hang

Chapter 928 Wanli River and Mountain Heart Treasure is here
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  Chapter 928 Wanli River and Mountain Heart Treasure Comes

  On the second day, the decree of rewarding meritorious deeds in the Jurchen War was issued.

  Although the last battle was easy, the credit was really not small.

  Wu'an Wang Xiaotai, was promoted to Prince of Yizi, named King An. The generals under Hu have their own rewards.

  The emperor's grandson, Yan Shifan, was named king of Suijing County;

  The grandson of the emperor, Yan Shichang, was named the king of Rongqi County;

  Shen Shouyan and Feng Weidingbo, the two apprentices also received rewards.

  At the same time, because the concubine made irreplaceable contributions in this battle, her father was granted the title of Marquis of Kangping and a mansion.

  In the end, what everyone didn't expect was that because the little phoenix also made great achievements, he was named "Phoenix King" and given a crown.

   Seal a bird? ?

  In the eyes of everyone, "Am I crazy or the emperor is crazy", Little Phoenix appeared proudly.

Then Fang Wuyou carefully tied a very small and exquisite tiara to his little head, and the little phoenix spread his wings in a very humane salute, spread out his tiny wings, and flew proudly around the hall, Falling back to the prince's shoulders, he collapsed quietly, exhausted, but his posture was exceptionally perfect.

   All the ministers screamed in their hearts: "Ahhh!"

   On the surface: "The emperor is wise! He can order a hundred birds!"

   "One emperor through the ages! The lower realm of the stars!"

  Emperor Ming Pei looked down through the crown, smiled and said nothing.

   Netherworld or something, maybe, but he doesn't care.

  He only knows that everything today is just because he has a good granddaughter.

  In short, after the award was awarded, the few people who got the spoiler also started to prepare.

On Yan Shifan's side, Yan Shirong originally wanted to pick him a Hanlin, but Emperor Mingpei felt that it would be better to pick him a small official with an imperial examination background, and then he could ask for advice on other things, after all, Yan Shifan There are not many errands and lack of experience.

So he picked a doctor from the Ministry of Punishment, named Chen Yue, and let him contact Yan Shifan for a few days. He felt that the two of them could have a temper, so he learned from it and appointed him a special assistant. Follow Yan Shifan.

  Similarly, a special assistant was appointed to Wang Wuyou and placed next to Yan Shichang.

  Yan Shichang thought at first that he was really going to study, and he was quite frightened. Later, he realized that he was just like a staff member who could ask for advice at any time. He was relieved and accepted it logically.

  Yan Shichang is just naive, not bad-tempered, but actually quite obedient, so after a few days of contact, Wang Wuyou is also relieved, and the two get along well.

   Then let Shen Shouyan lead the line, and made contact with Guo Dong first.

  Actually, Yan Shichang is not in a hurry, but Yan Shifan's side is that the sooner the better, but Emperor Ming Pei just doesn't let go.

  Because he was going to go to Jiangnan with Xinbao when Hao Huashi came back, so he thought they would leave first, and then the others.

   Otherwise, wouldn't Xinbao send his brother out again? Don't you feel lost again? So it's better for Xinbao to go out by herself first, and she doesn't know if her brother will go out or not.

   But Xinbao himself doesn't know these things.

  She is still working **** the book, and wants to finish learning the new textbook early, so that she can go out to play with Yeye.

   As a result, he was in school, so he heard the commotion outside for a while. Even Li Songqing, who didn't hear anything outside the window, noticed it, and couldn't help frowning, asking: "What's going on outside?"

  He lowered his head and said: "The Prince of Duanhe County presented a thing, called the Astronomical Platform for Water Transport. It has just been transported into the palace. The emperor and His Royal Highness are taking all the officials to see it."

  The water auspicious platform with a height of more than ten meters was transported all the way, which was quite a sensation. Just after the victory over the Jurchen, it seemed that the Holy Lord was wise and the world was united. Even the little **** looked excited.

  Xinbaoye: "Wow!"

  Although she was very interested, Xinbao insisted on waiting until after school to watch.

  Emperor Ming Pei had already watched it once, and he accompanied his granddaughter to watch it again.

  Huang Yu deserves to be a master of details. The astronomical platform is more beautifully made than the pictures in the book, and it looks like a huge artwork.

At the beginning, end, beginning, and end of each hour, villains come out to beat the drums and bells, and even at the first, second, third, and fourth quarters of each hour, there are villains holding the numbering cards. Telling the time...ingeniously.

  Xinbao held hands with his wife and walked around several times. He was very excited and felt like he had witnessed history! Saved the miracle!

  I feel that although Huang Yu does not keep pace with the times like his younger brother, he is still a super talented person!

   As a result, while watching, Emperor Ming Pei suddenly said: "Xinbao, who do you think is back?"

  Xinbao turned his head and was overjoyed immediately, his small voice cracked: "Hua~shi~~"

  Hao Huashi came from there, and it was also the echo of the mountains: "Master~Father~~

The two were like the white lady and Xu Xian on the broken bridge, calling each other, stretching out their hands, rushing towards each other from both sides, Hao Huashi hugged the little master into his arms, and then hugged and circled, rushing Covering the head and face and kissing wildly, it is really impossible to think about it.

  Xinbao was very excited at first, but when the excitement subsided, Xinbao whose face was flattened by kisses... realized something was wrong.

  In her heart, the little apprentice is different from her father, mother and brother, and the meeting ceremony is also completely different, but why is this ceremony so similar to Xinbao meeting her father and brother? ?

  This is wrong!

   This is the opposite!

  So she forcibly pushed the apprentice's face away, forced the meeting ceremony back, hugged him, patted his back with both hands, then patted his head, patted his shoulder...

  Emperor Ming Pei yelled at the back, and Xinbao became excited immediately, holding his apprentice's head in both hands, wanting to show Ye Ye: "Ye Ye, look! Flower Time is back! Flower Time is back!"

   Hao Huashi, who had his head taken away by force, could only squat down to keep up: "...???"

  To this day, he finally understands the significance of learning light exercises.

   That is, after being carried away by the short little master, the body can keep up.

  Xinbao didn't notice the little apprentice's wretched appearance at all, so she showed his face to Yeye excitedly: "Yeah, look! Time is back!"

  Emperor Ming Pei's mouth twitched: "Well, it's good."

   Xinbao let go of his little hands, Hao Huashi took the opportunity to straighten up and rubbed his neck.

  Emperor Ming Pei asked him as he walked in, "How do you feel when you go out for a while?"

Hao Huashi hugged his little master again, and even shook, while saying: "Honestly, I'm quite emotional, Your Majesty, I used to boast of seeing the world every day, and set up a stall on the street to write letters to others. I thought that no one knew more about folk affairs than I did, but now that I changed my identity, I realized that I really didn't understand at all. The common people are as good as they are bad, and as smart as they are stupid. "

  He started to tell them some little things.

  Xinbao listened with gusto.

  Emperor Ming Pei waited for him to finish, and then said: "Very good, since you have improved, you can go to Jiangnan in two days."

"Ah??" Hao Huashi immediately cried, "I haven't made any progress! Your Majesty, I don't understand anything, I'm a fool, I haven't made any progress! I just came back, and I haven't had enough with my master yet. Your Majesty, you have so many ministers, why don't you send someone to go..."

  He pretended to cry loudly: "Woooooo..."

  Emperor Ming Pei deliberately teased him, and said seriously: "You really don't want to go? This is a matter of meritorious deeds, you really don't want to go?"

  Hao Huashi pretended to cry and said, "I'm not going anymore, ying ying ying."

  Emperor Ming Pei: "..."

  He said: "Okay, since you decided not to go, then don't go, I will go with Xinbao."

  Hao Huashi: "...??"

  As an emperor, is it appropriate for you to be so skinny? Does it fit? ?

  But he has no choice but to continue whining: "Your Majesty, what I said just now is to go! I must go! I am not afraid of hardships and hardships. I will be where the master is!"

  Emperor Ming Pei almost sprayed: "It can be seen that he is a teacher and apprentice, and the doggerel is all the same."

   "No!" Xinbao was dissatisfied: "Not at all! Xinbao has grown up!"

  Emperor Ming Pei smiled and said, "That self-motivated Xin Baoer wrote a poem for me."

Xinbao held back for a long time before saying: "Xinbao hasn't reached that stage yet. Mr. Li said that in time, Xinbao will definitely be better than the second brother! In time, it means not now, but in time, yeah, do you understand? ?”

   "Understood, yes, yes." Emperor Ming Pei smiled and said, "That's right, wait."

  Hao Huashi asked from the side: "Who is going? Is the little master going?"

   Xinbao said: "Of course, Xinbao and his wife will never be separated."

   "Ah!" Hao Huashi deliberately loudly said, "Little Shigong is going too?"

  Yuan Shen Jue squinted at him, Hao Huashi chuckled: "Then when are you going? Why do you want to go to Jiangnan all of a sudden?"

"It's up to Xinbao." Emperor Ming Pei said, "Xinbao has finished studying the brains and brains today, and we can leave tomorrow...Go to the south of the Yangtze River first, and then go to other places after you and Xing'er finish their work. It will cost three or five years Traveling all over the world, I also take a good look at my country!"

   Xinbao was stimulated, and finished the last four parts in three days. Emperor Ming Pei also kept his promise, and set off early the next morning.

  It was the time of spring and Jingming, when the grass was growing and the warbler was flying. Luanjia slowly left Beijing, as if walking from one picture scroll to another.

  Xinbao was standing by the window, with big eyes buling buling, excited inexplicably.

  Thousands of miles, Xinbao is here!

  Xinbao compares hearts to all treasure fans! (full text)

  (end of this chapter)