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One New Rule Per Month Globally

Chapter 381 "You're making it difficult for me to do this."
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Chapter 381 "You are making it difficult for me."

 Early morning.

To be precise, in the early morning of November 30th, the time gradually came to 23:57.

 Winter has entered, and the wind is getting colder.

 This night, countless players did not sleep, waiting for the arrival of the new version.

 It’s just that I’m not as nervous and scared as I was in the past few months. It’s been almost 8 months since the upgraded game officially arrived on April 1st.

It has been a few months since the novice period ended, and the players who have survived until now are no longer noobs at the beginning.

They are no longer afraid.

Especially the one who shouted that he was far ahead, Zhou Yi.

ˆ “.”

Tuberculosis Rabbit, who was sitting on the rooftop, looked at the real-time surveillance projection projected in the air with a complex expression on his face, not knowing what to say.

say what?

 What can he say?

 What should he say?

Brother Yi's dump truck was sent directly to the kid's main **** space. After that, the kid really started killing everyone in the novice copy. Look at his arrogance, he was really far ahead. .

  Having been killing zombies since dusk until now, I still don’t feel tired.

He kept shouting excitedly about being far ahead, far ahead, for fear that others would not know that he had a golden finger.

"not bad."

Jian Wuya, who was sitting aside, said cheerfully with great interest: "As long as Zhou Yi doesn't die, this live broadcast will never stop, right?"

“It’s very interesting. You can watch the live broadcast in real time in the future.”

 “The real daily life of a real time traveler.”

“Hey, Tutu, what if we spread this live broadcast to the entire upgraded game?”

“Just create a variety show and name it “The Time Traveler’s Flash in the Pan!””

“Recruit people from all over the Starfield who come to volunteer to be time-traveled, and then live broadcast the short lives of these time-travelers in real time. It would be quite interesting if it was turned into a paid variety show.”

“It’s a pity that we can’t interfere with the time traveler.”

“Otherwise, we can add some interaction, such as a reward of 10,000 point coupons, a small knife or something like that for the time traveler, a reward of 1 million points, and a B-level prop for the time traveler.”

ˆ “.”

Jian Wuya said, "What nonsense are you thinking about every day? What is the most important thing for us now? To enhance our own strength!"

“After the novice period is over, be promoted to Jiuben Planet as soon as possible!”

“Then attack the Shiben planet and explore the real existence behind the upgraded game!”

 “Let peace return to Blue Star!”

 “Everyone returns to the peaceful and carefree life of the past!”

"This is our main goal. Those variety shows you mentioned are all crooked. We don't have the time and energy to focus on them."

 “You can’t say that.”

Jian Wuya said with a serious face: "I also want to make us strong enough. After all, if we have enough points, doesn't it mean that we can increase our strength unscrupulously, right?"

“For example, you spent billions of coupons to create the ultimate Manchu-Han banquet set.”

“If you don’t have enough points, you can’t have this ultimate set, right?”

“But what if we had hundreds of billions, trillions of points?”

“Yi Ge, time traveler, and real-time live broadcast, these three elements together, coupled with the addition of streaming, can definitely make this variety show a hit!”

 “Earn enough points.”

“By then, won’t we be able to shop around in the “Star Map” unscrupulously? "

Chen Yi, who was sitting aside to listen to the music, suddenly raised his chin thoughtfully and started thinking. It seemed that it was not unreasonable and it was a good idea.

 For example.

 He can enhance all the props on his body into ultimate props.

 No, the layout is still small, so how much money can be spent.

The tuberculosis rabbit, who originally wanted to refute, was stunned for a moment, and then said in a daze: "It makes sense, if you say so? It seems that it can be done...?"

"It's just that Brother Yi's job as a "dump truck driver" can only last seven days, and there are only a few days left now. "

 “What should we do after this career expires?”

“Furthermore, professions are only available to players on the six planets. Although this profession is quite rare, there should be other players who have also obtained this profession. Then why haven’t other players created such a variety show?”

“Even if there is a restriction that only one person can be sent across a day, it won’t have much impact, right?”

 “It seems so.”

 Jian Wuya was about to say something after thinking for a moment.

  A system announcement interrupted the conversation of several people.

 The time has come to 00:00 unknowingly.

 This matter has been put aside for the time being by a few people. Version updates are more important.

As announced in the last version update, this version update will add a rule of the month about ‘do whatever you want’.

To be honest, in the past few months, they have seen the rules of the month about life, combat, and supernatural beings, but they have never seen any rules about doing whatever they want. What the **** is this?


The prompt sounded suddenly.

 「Game update announcement!」

“The new version of Blue Star 4.8 will be updated non-stop starting at 00:00 am on December 1st. The main content and adjustments of this update are as follows.”

  1. The bug will not be fixed.

Employees are a little absent-minded this month and no one is looking for bugs. Let’s look for them next month.

There are a lot of things going on this month. Your Brother Yi is already going crazy outside.

 You will graduate soon, and so will we. Just look for it and find it. Just use it in a low-key manner and don’t get automatically detected. "

  2. Added “Go-bang” gameplay

Yes, there are no more ways to play, but the upgrading game stipulates that employees have not bothered to think about it this month. However, the upgrading game stipulates that there must be multiple new ways to play every month, so a backgammon game was added.

 There’s no need to mention the rules, right?

   You should all understand.

If you don’t understand, don’t participate in this game.

The rewards are just that, some points and various props, just go to the backgammon page and check it out yourself. Ranking is based on victory points. The first place can get the title of chess god. "

  3. Added the December rule “Do whatever you want”.

 “Do whatever you want”: This month, all players will not really die or fall into hell. You can do things unscrupulously that you didn’t dare to do in the past.

 But as a price, every word you say must conform to your own heart. If you say something against your heart, 1,000 points will be deducted each time.

 And a conspicuous pop-up window will pop up above the player's head.

“Okay, I admit that I went against my will.”

ps: Although players will not die, some props, titles, and skills that can only be triggered when they die can be triggered smoothly. Any player who dies will be restored to full status in an instant without consuming the number of times he fell into hell. This will lead to a substantial increase in the next return.

 This rule lasts for 1 month.

 In the next update notice, the project team has decided to add rules for the month regarding the “one step ahead” element. Players, please stay tuned. "

The announcement sounded for only a few dozen seconds and then ended, simple, crisp and neat.


Tuberculosis Rabbit said with a strange expression: "Does the Xuehai project team no longer want to work? Want to run away?"

“What’s the point of all this happening?”

"Do you dare to be more perfunctory?"    "You don't even bother to find a bug? You don't even think about new ways to play? Just throw out a backgammon to make up the number? You might as well do the whole Landlord? If you can, do it, if you can't, do it. Just resign."

“Also, why is Brother Yi going crazy outside? Is the current version update announcement so humane?”

 Yige’s name appeared more than once in the version update announcement.

 But every time it’s very official.

For example, defeating the world boss, or winning the first place on the list, etc.

But things like this, this kind of humanized naming directly by the version update, is really the first time in history. It seems that even the Xuehai project team has become half of Yi Ge's little fans.

 There is no need to read the first and second items of this version update. Just skip the third item.


"have to say."

  Rabbit grinned with satisfaction: "This rule is a bit interesting. I always thought that a new rule every month would restrict players. Didn't I expect that there is something like this that can help players?"

 “Absolutely no death.”

“That means that in December, all Blue Star players will never die?”

The consumptive rabbit who didn’t know what he suddenly thought of suddenly smiled even more happily, his pupils filled with amusement and anticipation: “If I remember correctly, Santa Claus should pop up in December, right?”

 “I’m very curious now.”

“What will Santa Claus look like when he sees Brother Yi’s health bar of over 100 million and discovers that Brother Yi cannot die within this month no matter what?”

 “That expression must be wonderful.”

"not bad."

Even Chen Yi smiled and nodded. This rule is indeed very good, but it is a pity that it appears in this month. It would be nice if it could appear in a month where there is a crisis of genocide.

For example, next month their Blue Star will have a big enemy, and there will be seven planets coming.

 At this time, it is very appropriate to have a "do whatever you want" rule.

Then he stretched out his arms around Jiaye and turned around and walked toward the house. He waved his hand and said casually: "Let's all go and have a rest. It's getting late. We'll talk about anything tomorrow."

 Won’t die at all.

Can it also trigger skill titles and props triggered by death?

Isn’t this the “wife-killing buff” that perfectly suits him?

 Theoretically speaking, he can continuously release the wife-killing buff for the whole month of December without any restrictions, for a whole month?

Oh shit.

It’s a pity that the profession of “space traveler” has expired.

 Otherwise, he feels that he can slaughter half of the entire upgrade game this month.

Think carefully tonight about how you can maximize the wife-killing buff by releasing it non-stop for a month and gain more benefits.

 Inside the house.

After washing up, Chen Yi hugged Jiaye into his arms, leaned into his ear and breathed hot air in a low voice: "You won't die this month. Do you want to do it tonight? The kind that can be unscrupulous?"

"don't want!"

After Jiaye answered quickly and hastily, he slid down and buried his head in the bed.

There was only a glowing pop-up window left, flashing on the bed.

“Okay, I admit that I went against my will.”

ˆ “.”

ˆ “.”

The room fell into silence for a moment, and an invisible, awkward and ambiguous atmosphere gradually enveloped the entire room.


 Chen Yi's lips raised slightly and he laughed. Maybe he felt that it was a bit unsatisfying, so he couldn't help but make his voice louder, opened the bed and got in, and at the same time he laughed louder.

 “Hey hey hey!”

 “Children who lie will be punished.”

"I'll punish you by not making any noise tonight!"

 “I really don’t want it!”

Angry sounds penetrated the bed and rang in the house, and the pop-up window that had just dissipated popped up again.

“Okay, I admit that I went against my will.”

 “Well, I only think about it a little bit, but the more emotion is that I really don’t want to.”

Jiaye reluctantly poked his head out of the quilt, covering Chen Yi with the quilt, who was constantly tinkering, and looked up at the top of his head with some hope.


“Okay, I admit that I went against my will.”

The pop-up window pops up again.

ˆ “.”

Jiaye remained expressionless for a moment and then sighed softly. He stopped struggling symbolically and hugged Chen Yi into his arms: "No more pretending, let's start, starting from the neck."

this time.

 The pop-up window no longer pops up.

Jian Wuya, who saw Brother Yi going to rest, was sitting on the rocking chair on the rooftop. He looked at Tutu Rabbit and Iron Hammer beside him and tentatively said, "Brother Yi is going to bed. How about we go play again tonight?"

 “Forget it, I won’t go.”

   Rabbit shook his head: "I just finished playing, it didn't take long, I'm really tired, let's wait another day."

“Okay, I admit that I went against my will.”

Pop-up window appears.

 “Leave now?”

  Rabbit said tentatively.

 The pop-up window did not pop up again.


Tutu Rabbit got up helplessly, put the coat on the back of the chair on himself and walked downstairs, "What are you waiting for? Let's go. You know me well. I originally wanted to wait until you fell asleep. Went alone.”

 “Our aesthetics are too consistent.”

 “It **** me off every time.”

 “It’s okay.”

Jian Wuya followed him with excitement in his eyes: "This time the decision will be decided by guessing."

 Hoshihara Shang.

 “You are making it difficult for me to do this.”

Li Yi looked down at the patriarch of the Four Planets who came for help and frowned: "How can you provoke the players from the Sixth Planet? There is a world of difference between the Sixth Planet and the Fourth Planet. After all, the players of the Sixth Planet each have the same profession. "

 “I can’t help you either.”

 “I really don’t want you to have a nicer attitude, why don’t you go find a coward and apologize or something?”

"I know you have already tried it. What I mean is that if you lower your attitude, if nothing else, you can go to the territory of the Liuben planet and kowtow for three days and three nights. As the leader of a clan, you can Once you reach this point, no matter how angry the other party is, it will be gone, right?"

“Yes, I know you paid protection money to Brother Yi.”

"But that's what we call the protection fee in private. It's actually the money to buy porcelain. You can't really say that you can go to Brother Yi with hundreds of millions of coupons, right? It's not easy to talk about it."

"never mind."

“I’ll ask you politely, but there’s no guarantee whether it’s possible or not. I still suggest you apologize. After all, Liuben Planet has exceeded the limit of our ability. How can you offend the players of Liuben Planet?”

 (End of this chapter)