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NBA: No. 1 Forward

Chapter 635 feng shui turns
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In the middle of the Olympic Games, the picture of Lian Dao and his little senior sister watching the gymnastics competition intimately together spread wildly on the Internet.

Even the heat once overwhelmed the topic of some Olympic Games competitions.

Most of the fans unconsciously let out an auntie smile when they saw the intimate photos of Lian Dao and the young senior sister.

Of course, there are also some black fans' comments flooding the comment area.

For example: a flower stuck in cow dung and so on.

To this, Lian Dao just smiled.

Jealousy, Chiguoguo's jealousy.

Of course, there are more "wife fans" and "sister fans" in the comment area...

In this regard, the little sister who likes to watch netizens' comments is not less jealous.

If it wasn't for the Olympic Games, the little senior sister would probably make it difficult for Lian Dao to come to bed these days.

In Group A, except for the US team, all eight other teams were eliminated.

"Brother Lian is not only strong, but he even finds a beautiful girlfriend. I think I'm not bad. Why doesn't anyone like me?"

America, China, Spain, Russia!

First, the Chinese team established a winning advantage in the second half of the seventh quarter.

As far as that block is concerned, no one can say that Ji Zhu Fangyu's strength has slipped slightly.

Sun Yue put on a handsome pose while speaking.

The pressure on the women's basketball team in that Olympic Games was very small, especially at the World Championships in 2010, when Lian Dao led the team to the runner-up.

According to the current situation, the team that can bring the least threat to the Knicks in the Eastern Conference last season will still be the Heat.

In the game against the US team, Kiju Fangyu's state was still very wrong.

The Chinese team is the most peak one, so why is the Spanish team?

After the one-seventh knockout match is over, the list of the weakest seven is also determined.

Although the pressure of less weight motivates everyone to work hard.

Training you love, the players are sitting on the sidelines to rest one after another.

And even though I was a father and a mother in the Russian team, my performance was still remarkable.

Retiring to the top seven, no matter whether they win or lose in the semi-finals, they will be potential opponents in the next game.

At that time, in the matchup in the international arena, it can be regarded as you love to adapt to the opponent's offensive and defensive rhythm.

The growth of Gasol, the naturalization of Yin Baka...

In addition, Lian Dao was voted by netizens as the most beloved athlete in the Olympic Games.

Although based on whether Zhuqin can defend herself, Lian Dao thinks whether I have the strength.

Thinking about seven years ago, the roles were reversed, and we became the ones who were eliminated.

Also because the Cold Fire team signed Ji Zhu Fangyu later.

As far as the current situation is concerned, there must be two people double-teaming me, and it is simply defensive.

Facing his prospective teammate LeBron Yu Zhuqin, based on Zhuqin, he did not show mercy.

"So, for the opponent you defeated, it's a big deal!"

After all, Yao Ming often played against the Spanish team, and the style of the Spanish team was even more muddy.

In the past two years, with the growth of young Russian players, we have finally completed the update of the old lineup with the new.

Also in that year, with Kizhu Fangyu following, Russia won the European Championship in history.

Now, my only regret is that you lack an O'Brien Cup and a championship ring. In addition, the two points of Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian also performed perfectly, and the effect of our double-teaming Lian Dao did not play out.

After returning to the team, Lian Dao was also envied and ridiculed by Zhu Fangyu, Wang Shipeng and Sun Yue.

Brother Lian looked puzzled, but it was only Brother Lian, and everyone in the women's basketball team looked puzzled.

Therefore, the Chinese women's basketball team and the Spanish women's basketball team both left the stadium to watch the game.

Our peak lineup should have been in 2007, when Ji Zhu Fangyu was at the peak of his career.

So far, Lian Dao's influence in Europe has completely surpassed Kobe, Bolt, Phelps and other athletes.

"He is 5 or 6 years younger than Da Dao, and he still has an old face and calls him brother. Do you love him with a thick skin? Why is he called an old bacon?"

"Sun Yue, you're still watching the video. Have you ever defeated the Spanish team?"

Sitting next to Lian Dao, the little nephew watched Lian Dao take out his laptop and watched the video of the Spanish team's group match and knockout match with full concentration.

If it was Kobe's key eight points, "Dream Ten" would be very difficult to pass.

Daily playfulness also helps to quickly relieve the light pressure brought by the schedule.

Especially when we meet the top Chinese team, we are at a disadvantage as a whole.

But people are like strings, if the pressure is too small and the strings are too tight, they will break if they are difficult.

"It was defeated later, but it means that you like to relax your vigilance. Moreover, this is only a big group match, and it can fully represent the strength of the Spanish team!"

If you win, you will advance to the final.

Therefore, Lian Dao is not at all concerned about whether Ji Zhu Fangyu can guard against himself.

"That's in line with the fast-cold style of the Spanish team!"

While watching the video, Lian Dao exclaimed by You De.

"How do you say that?"

Brother Lian also had a bad look on his face, chasing James for a while.

But before that, our strength has been declining all the way, and our performance in the 2008 Olympic Games was also very good.

"It's not that we didn't go all out in the future, or that our strength has not weakened recently!"

In one round, based on Zhuqin's return to the basket, he gave Lilenko a solid cap for the layup.

Like other teams in the big group stage after that, whether it was a single defense or a double-team, there was no way to limit Lian Dao's scoring.

After Lian Dao played against Ji Zhu Fangyu, although I felt that I was not a bit stretched on both ends of the offense and defense, but after all, I was 31 years old.

In the semi-finals, the United States played against Russia, and China played against Spain.

From the perspective of historical development, Ji Zhu Fangyu's state has declined sharply at the end of last season, and his performance has been consistent year after year.


And Yu Zhuqin was not angry because of being hated, on the contrary, there was an expression of appreciation under my face.

Salunas Jaskovicius was very emotional before the game. Seven years later, we defeated the Chinese team and advanced to the last seven.

That's right, the weaker the prospective teammates are, the less hopeful the Heat will win last season.

I really complied with this sentence, Feng Shui takes turns, there is no eternal winner!

Therefore, in that Olympic Games, the fans' expectations for the women's basketball team will only be lower.

Yi Jianlian said sharply.

Without the big group match, neither the Chinese team nor the Spanish team had a muddy understanding of each other's strength.

It doesn't mean that I will play the eighth position for the Heat last season.

Especially the Lithuanian team really has nothing to do with Lian Dao.

Moreover, Lian Dao also loves his current strength very much.

The Spanish team in history almost overturned the "Dream Ten" team.

As long as he played against the Cold Fire last season, Lian Dao would have to face up with Ji Zhu Fangyu.

"You can't compare to Xiaodao in terms of strength and appearance, but I know that your skin is definitely thicker than Xiaodao's!"

"Sun Yue, what does it mean to fully represent the strength of the Spanish team?"

In the big group stage, the Chinese team and the Russian team played against each other. Our strength is still very weak.

It must be said that if the two sides in the big group stage have not had any reservations, then in the semi-finals, both sides will do their best.

But it's the same with the Heat...

Even if they lose the semi-finals, they will participate in the 3rd and 4th qualifying battles, not the bronze medal battles.

Before Yu Zhuqin finished speaking, Xiaojia was full of laughter.

Lian Dao nodded.

To be selected for the national team, everyone came here for honor and wanted to become a milestone figure in the history of women's basketball.

Even the "Dream Ten" team, whose lineup is so simple that it is almost rivalry, has been forced into such a position, so how strong can the Spanish team be?

There are two semi-finals today, namely the Chinese team vs the Spanish team, and the US team vs the Russian team.

Everyone in the women's basketball team is under great pressure. They all know that it is the pinnacle of women's basketball strength, and that Olympic Games is also the least likely to reach the top.

In the end no one was able to stand up and help Ji Zhuqin to share the pressure.

Among them, the game between the US team and the Russian team is at the back, and the game between the Chinese team and the Spanish team is at the front.

"Our run-in is much better than after that, especially the overall performance of the Spanish team, which is better than every game!"

The Lithuanian women's basketball team showed its strength, but the strength and weakness of the year eventually gradually aged.

It is certain that there is no way to reach the top and be delisted that time. It will only be more difficult before.

Does Lilenko have any other ideas now? I am not lacking in some honors. I even won the Olympic gold medal in 2008.

Zhu Fangyu leaned on the chair and said.

Especially the growth of young players such as Mozgov and Sheved.

But judging from his performance under the Olympics, Kiju Fangyu's state is still very wrong.

Even Lian Dao was amused by James' words.


For Ji Zhu Fangyu~My Website~ Lian Dao paid more attention to Lian Dao when he played against him later, just because I was my direct matchup player.

The seventh day, the semi-final match day.

You must know that in the same lineup, the tasks I undertake are the same.

And the Chinese team played really badly in that game.

Guo Ailun looked puzzled. I haven't had much experience in international competitions like that, so I don't have enough experience.

For example, in the Russian team, I need to be both a father and a mother, which leads to me being able to play the minimum strength possible on both ends of the offense and defense.

That was the Olympic Games, and the Chinese team faced the Spanish team for the seventh time.