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Match Point

Chapter 1845 Act on camera
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This is Agut’s batting characteristics.

Perhaps Agut's personal abilities are not outstanding in terms of strength, speed, spin, etc., but his balancing ability is able to maintain stable quality of the ball from shot to shot, and he continues to output twenty or thirty shots. , the pressure will accumulate layer by layer.

Moreover, the judgment of ability is also relative.

Compared with Del Potro, Agut's batting characteristics are indeed not distinctive enough; but compared with Bellucic, Agut's batting ability and quality as well as his tactical layout ability are even higher.

at this time!

In the stalemate of confrontation and game, Agut firmly grasped the opportunities he created, exerted continuous pressure, and instantly overturned the balance.

Across the court, Gawain's figure crossed the court.

The effect of cutting in the previous beat is now highlighted. It not only slows down the rhythm, but also makes the adjustment of the center of gravity easier, buying precious time for Gawain.

After the second start, he quickly pulled his body's center of gravity back, and with one kick he rushed towards his forehand position, and was mentally prepared.

In the game with Agut, such rounds are definitely not rare. No, there was one just after the game started.

Gawain, get ready.

The steps arrived smoothly, not too hastily, and even with some time to adjust, the forehand was already shot—

Qiao Jin.

In fact, Gawain can choose to fight head-on. Under the right opportunity and situation, he is also willing to fight head-on and show his confrontation ability without hesitation; but it can be seen from the opening collision that Agut tried to seize the opportunity, and Gawain Instead, there are better options.

Forehand, shot, wrapped around the tennis ball, nudged.

Use strength to hit, hit lightly.

Gawain made a very, very unexpected choice, but judging from the details, this shot was not that simple.

Because at the moment of release, Gawain's racket head speed increased. He used the quick strap of his wrist to pull the racket in a straight line. The wrist power controlled by the entire line change was soft and delicate enough, once again showing Gawain's strength in the powerful collision. Adaptable and have the talent to execute.

However, the force of the shot being pushed out was obviously losing strength.


It can be heard from the sound of hitting the ball that Gawain used skill to control a route and landing point, hit the ball straight back, and sent the tennis ball straight back.

From Gawain's forehand position back to Agut's backhand position, and the bottom line dead center and the bottom line dead center are connected, and the landing point is controlled accurately.


The scene was filled with exclamations of surprise.

Gao Wen's batting was too light and simple, effortless, and he easily defused Agut's offensive. Such defensive ability is indeed admirable.

Agut was equally surprised.

Well. Uh-huh.

Agut grunted, stopped and turned suddenly, and for the second time in a row, his center of gravity moved to the right, only to pull it back again.

The first time, the body's center of gravity was already bumping, and then Agut forced a straight attack.

The second time, the center of my body was thrown into the dryer, and every muscle in my body was trembling.

However, Agut still showed his ability, pushing and pushing the backhand with both hands. Such a simple hitting action successfully pushed the tennis ball along the straight line and pushed it to Gawain's forehand. The bottom line and blind spot, the processing of this shot is simple and unpretentious but the skill is astonishing.

Straight line—straight line—straight line.

After hitting the ball for three consecutive times, the two players Gao Wen and Agut started a strong collision in the straight line.

Then, professionals can see that gaps have appeared.

In the previous shot, Gawain's light hit obviously did not hit the ball deeply. This was intentional, so that the distance between Agut and the tennis ball was widened, making it difficult for Agut to exert force when hitting the ball, forcing Agut to fight quickly. He had to use his center of gravity to move forward to exert force and fight back.

Agut is good at borrowing force. If he wants to exert force on his own, the combined force effect is often not enough, and mistakes are not inevitable, but the quality is still lacking. If he hopes to increase the effect of hitting the ball, he will use the superposition of his body weight to complete the force.

Naturally, Agut's body center of gravity was slightly thrown outward.

This is the gap.

This scene can be seen in the eyes of thousands of people -

Gao Wen moved towards his backhand, which was a habitual defensive action, but he kicked his left leg and pulled it back at the same time as Agut took action. Obviously, this step was a fake move, and his entire attention Still on his forehand position, his movements appear light and agile.

step. Two steps.

In just two steps, Gawain was already in position smoothly. Following the inertia of his movement, he stepped forward and swung the ball forward.

Grab some!

Instantly, exert force.


Sweep, impact, you can see from the forehand closing arc that this is not a spin around the head, but a clean and flat shot.

From slow to fast, it only takes one beat to complete the conversion.

Then, the tennis ball turned into a long streamline, crossing the entire court, and the hunting wind swept forward all the way.

Agut grunted again. During the sudden stop and turn, the second start was very fast. Although the center of gravity of the body was slightly pulled out, he reacted in time and moved fully laterally towards his right hand at the first time.

Tap tap tap, tap tap tap.

Agut's speed has increased to the extreme, and he has already crossed half the court in a flash.


Still too late.

Gao Wen's forehand slash once again burst out with amazing energy, and his penetrating "inside-out" shot directly penetrated the entire court.

It was precisely that moment when the front center of gravity was pulled out that caused Agut's second start to be a little slower. In the end, he watched helplessly as the tennis ball flew out, and he was still unable to catch up.


The entire Louis Armstrong Stadium was in a frenzy.

Forty beats.

A whole forty beats.

The game had only just started for the second point, and before they even had time to sit down, Gao Wen and Agut had already given such a wonderful round.

Whether it is Agut looking for opportunities to take the initiative to open up the situation, or Gao Wen quietly planning to complete the counterattack, the offensive and defensive transitions between the two players are not that obvious, truly showing the strong confrontation of total offense and total defense, and the quality of the batting in the opening stage It was enough to make the whole audience excited.

Before the game, people were also worried that Gao Wen's right ankle injury had not healed, which might affect the quality of the game.

But now, Gawain has made a declaration with practical actions that he is ready.


Boom boom boom!

Applause and whistles swept the entire venue. Those spectators who had just entered the venue and had not yet found their seats were all confused and had no idea what was going on. However, they also started to cheer one by one, once again showing the true nature of Flushing.

It is indeed the Grand Slam with the most party atmosphere.

"0:30". UU reading www.uukanshu. com

At the beginning, in Agut's first service game, Gao Wen had already scored two points in a row to take the lead.

The second week of the Grand Slam is indeed a little different.

Of course, Agut is not a soft persimmon who can be rubbed lightly.


With solid baseline skills and excellent opportunity capture, Agut chased two points in a row and regained the initiative in his serve.

But then, Agut made a mistake, and his forehand shot missed the baseline by half a ball. It was a very, very close shot, but it still went out of bounds.



In the first game, Agut needed to face the test of break point.

The air in the entire venue was tense, and before the audience could get into the mood, the first climax of the game had already appeared.