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Marvel Plane Trader

Chapter 370 thor returns
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  In the jungle, a **** farewell scene is really going on.

   "Sol, let me down, leave me alone, or none of us will be able to leave!" In a depression in the jungle, Che Guevara, covered in mud, tried to push Sol away beside him.

  At this time, he was not only in a mess, but also had a **** wound on his waist.

   This was injured during the previous firefight with the surrounding army.

   "No, let's go together!" Saul refused, and wanted to help Che Guevara to leave.

   And Che Guevara is obviously not as strong as Sol, and he was almost carried away by him.

   But no matter how strong Sol is, how fast can he walk with one person in a mortal body or in a harsh environment like a tropical rainforest?

  So soon there was movement around.

  As soon as Sol and Che Guevara heard it, they knew that the American soldiers were catching up.

   His complexion immediately became more dignified

   It can be said that the two are experienced in many battles, and they have never been so desperate as they are today.

   It is not that they have not dealt with American soldiers in the past.

   It's not that they look down on Americans. In their eyes, those American soldiers are just a group of young soldiers, even agents are not much better.

   But this time is different.

  The U.S. soldiers who hunted them down this time were so brave and cruel that they didn't seem like living people!

  Of course, what he didn't know was that the few special American soldiers he had encountered in his memory were indeed not living people to some extent.

   Sure enough, not long after, six cold-looking, heavily armed soldiers strode out from the surrounding dense forest and surrounded the two of Sol.

   It is the rebuilding fighter of the United States.

  If the United States hadn’t demanded that Che Guevara and Saul be captured alive, these emotionless fighters would have been entertained with various weapons long ago.

   "It's all right now, it's even hard to leave!" Looking at the six American soldiers with guns pointing at them, Che Guevara couldn't help laughing miserably.

   "No, I will definitely take you out of here, Davari!" Saul held an AK with a bayonet in his hand, guarding Che Guevara behind his back.

  At the same time, he couldn't help but began to miss his own little hammer again.

  In the past year, with the help and care of Che Guevara and other comrades-in-arms, he did forget his former identity for a while.

  But at this moment, he once again missed his original identity—Thor.

   I missed myself when I was fighting in the Nine Kingdoms.

  If your divine power is still there, why are you afraid of these mere mortals?

  But immediately, seeing the several rebuilding fighters who continued to surround them, the sense of powerlessness that could not change the status quo came back to my heart.

  If... Mjolnir is still here...

  However, what Thor didn't know was that, in the deep pit where Thor's Hammer fell thousands of kilometers away, the Thor's Hammer that had been lying here quietly had disappeared without a trace.

   "You are already surrounded, put down your weapons and surrender!" At this time, the American commander hiding in the jungle issued a persuasion call to the two Thors who were completely surrounded.

   "Don't dream, come here if you have the guts!" Although he knew that he would not be the opponent of these strange humans, in Sol's dictionary, the word surrender obviously did not exist, and he also picked up the bayonet at the moment, preparing for the final resistance.

  As for why he picked up the bayonet, it was naturally because the bullets in the gun had long been emptied.

   There was still a bullet in the pistol in Che Guevara's hand, but that was what he planned to keep for himself.

   "Hmph! You're stubborn... Team A, try to catch alive!" The commander in the jungle gave the final order with a cold snort.

  The six rebuilding soldiers who received the order also put down their guns, picked up their military thorns, and approached Sol and Che Guevara.

   Facing the approach of these reengineered soldiers, Sol immediately understood the other party's thoughts, and immediately chose to act first, holding a bayonet and rushed towards the nearest rebuilt soldier in front of him.

   In the previous several firefights, Sol was not ignorant of these strange American soldiers.

   Knowing that these soldiers are physically strong, fearless of death and pain, and have extremely high resistance to damage, even if half of their bodies and half of their heads are blown off, they can still continue to fight.

   But this doesn't mean that these soldiers won't die—although Vibranium was used in the manufacturing process of the rebuilt warriors, but the amount used is very small, and it is mainly used in nerve conduction parts, so it can't play any defensive role.

   In fact, Thor had already killed one of them, and of course they paid a huge price for this. The guards around him were completely lost, and Che Guevara's injury was also caused at that time.

   It was also at that time that Thor found an electronic device in the brain of the dead reconstituted soldier who had almost turned into a rotten watermelon—a damaged microcomputer.

   From this, they judged that the weakness of these strange soldiers was this electronic device.

   And in fact their guess is correct.

  In recent years, various types of robots of Josie's company have sold well all over the world, and have already entered thousands of households in the United States.

  In this case, it is obviously impossible to expect the relevant institutions of various countries not to conduct research on it.

  Of course, due to the gap in technology and technology protection, it is impossible for them to completely crack the technology used in it, but this does not prevent them from making breakthroughs in the original technology during the research process.

  The control core of this reconstructed warrior is one of the products.

  As long as this control core is destroyed, the rebuilding warrior will fall into a shutdown state.

  So what Sol can expect is that he can hit the opponent's vitals with one blow.

  So after the two sides fought, the target of Sol's military stab was the opponent's eye socket—because compared with the relatively hard skull of human beings, the eye socket is the most fragile, and it goes straight to the brain.

   It's just obvious that Saul is thinking too much.

  He guessed the weakness of the reengineered soldier. As a man-made soldier, the reengineered soldier knew his own weakness in the database, so how could he let Sol succeed?

   Facing Thor's strong attack, he directly blocked Sol's military thorn with his own arm, making all of Sol's efforts useless.

  The rest of the rebuilding fighters also arrived at this time, and they swarmed up and restrained Sol.

   Che Guevara on the side wanted to help, but he lost so much blood that he couldn't even stand still.

  One of the rebuilding warriors just passed by, and then overturned it to the ground, unable to get back up again.

   Soon, the two people who were subdued were completely subdued and put on the military vehicle.

  Although this operation went smoothly, this is not the mainland of the United States after all, and the actions of the US military here are illegal.

  So the two of Saul must be transferred back to the United States before the news is revealed.

   "Boss, should we just watch like this?" Seeing Sol being escorted into the car, the mage who had been monitoring Sol in the mirror space couldn't help asking Josie in front of him.

   "Don't worry, let the hammer fly for a while!" Josie glanced at the distant sky and said indifferently.

  At first, he thought that there would be a real life-and-death crisis, so that the seal on Sol's body would be released, but in the end he was only captured, and the hammer couldn't hold back.

   I don’t know if the old guy Odin let the water go, or because of Sol’s psychological changes.

  The mage was puzzled, but since Josie said so, he naturally wouldn't ask any more questions.

   But soon he knew what Josie meant.

   Less than two minutes passed.

  The originally scorching sunny day suddenly became cloudy and thunderous.

   Immediately, a huge lightning bolt directly bombarded the armored **** vehicle in which Saul was in the US military convoy.

  As the smoke dissipated, Sol, dressed in bright armor and holding a warhammer, appeared in the eyes of many American troops.

  The reengineered soldiers and American soldiers who saw this did not know what happened, but when they saw the key criminal escaped, they immediately attacked Sol.

  Only this time, the situation was completely reversed. With just one blow of the hammer, a rebuilt soldier was directly blasted by lightning, and immediately lost his movement.

  The once majestic Thor is back!

  Well, I’m cheating again, I haven’t written for a long time, I’m a bit unfamiliar, I have to get used to it