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Enter the Room

Chapter 383 end
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  Chapter 383 ends

  It was mid-autumn when Song Jiyun and Yuan Yunzhong were able to leave the capital and return to Jingdezhen.

  Won Yunzhong's family members came to see them off.

   It was the first time that Song Jiyun met Yuan Yunzhong's mother, Mrs. Wang.

  She looks Huaxin's age, with a clear face and a temperament as frosty as snow. She is a cold beauty.

  She nodded slightly towards Song Jiyun, her attitude was rather cold, but her eyes lingered on Song Jiyun's black hair for a moment.

   Song Cuiyun inserted an egg-faced hairpin inlaid with red gold and lapis lazuli in his hair.

  Although the style is simple and elegant, it seems too mature for her age.

  But it was given to her by Mr. Jinghu himself after he admitted her marriage with Yuan Yunzhong.

   It is said that it was Yuan Yunzhong's grandmother's dowry, and it was Yuan Yunzhong's grandmother's mother's dowry. It was the Wang family and Yuan family's recognition of her.

Yuan Haoran, Yuan Yunzhong's father, reprimanded Yuan Yunzhong with a stern face before parting: "Since the emperor asked you to continue to be the governor of Jiangxi and the governor of Tao Jingdezhen, you must do your job well and not let you down. That temper You have to change it. Don’t always act like I’m the number one in the world, and God can only be the second. You must know that flowers can’t be popular for a hundred days, and people can’t be good for a thousand days. Keep a line of life, so that we can meet each other in the future... "

   Yuan Yunzhong listened expressionlessly.

  Although he submitted a letter and recommended himself to be the county magistrate of Liang County or the pottery supervisor of the Imperial Kiln Factory, the emperor did not agree and let him be the governor of Jiangxi.

Mr. Jinghu on the side couldn't stand it any longer, frowned and interrupted him without hesitation: "Okay! The child is going to travel far, so you can't say a few words less? Besides, the child is so old, he knows What are you doing. If you have the time to teach him a lesson, why not think about how to find out the murderer who killed Lord Bai, and give the emperor and courtiers an explanation."

  Master Bai's death caused an uproar in the court, and many officials wrote letters demanding that the emperor severely punish the murderer. But no matter whether it is Shuntian Mansion or the Third Division, the murderer who killed Master Bai has not been found out so far despite all their efforts.

   It is said that the emperor was very dissatisfied with this.

  Yuan Haoran touched his nose in embarrassment, and stepped aside.

  Nothing is perfect in life.

  If this is the imperfection in her life, she is fine.

  Song Jiyun smiled and said nothing.

Mr. Jinghu said to Yuan Yunzhong and Song Jiyun in a soft voice: "You are all good boys. When you go to Jingdezhen, you need to support each other. If you need anything, just write back. Although my grandfather is old, it doesn't matter if he protects you. of."

  Yuan Yunzhong's face paled slightly, and Song Jiyun respectfully bowed to Mr. Jinghu to agree.

  Yuan Jingnian and others also stepped forward one after another, telling them to be careful on the road and wishing them a smooth journey.

  Yuan Yunzhong and Song Jiyun thanked each other.

  Shao Qing drove over in a carriage: "Lord Yuan, wait a minute!"

  Everyone looked over curiously.

  Before Shao Qing said that he would come to see Yuan Yunzhong off, but it was getting late, and if Yuan Yunzhong didn't set off, he couldn't get to Tongzhou Wharf before sunset. Unexpectedly, Shao Qing rushed over at this time, and even called him "Master Yuan".

   You must know that in normal times, he always calls Yuan Yunzhong "Young Master".

  However, looking at Shao Qing's colleagues beside the carriage, Song Jiyun had an idea in his heart.

   Sure enough, the carriage stopped, and the First Prince jumped off.

   "Master Yuan! Miss Song!" He shouted loudly.

  Compared to a few months ago, the First Prince is a little taller, a little fatter, and a little more lively and cheerful.

   "Elder Prince!" Everyone saluted him.

He hurriedly said "Exemption", and handed the ceremonial schedule he prepared to Yuan Yunzhong: "Master Yuan, thank you! I told my father that within three years at most, my father will transfer you back to Beijing." Yes. You don't have to worry."

  Yuan Yunzhong and Song Jiyun couldn't laugh or cry.

  But the ten-year agreement between them should not be publicized for everyone to know, not to mention that the eldest prince is also kind.

   "Thank you, First Prince!" Both of them expressed their thanks in unison.

   "No thanks, no thanks!" The eldest prince waved his hands, smiling joyfully, with a proud look on his brows.

  Yuan Yunzhong and Song Jiyun can't even say that.

   "You study hard." Yuan Yunzhong had no choice but to say, "Only by reading wisely can you know what you want to do."

  The First Prince nodded obediently.

   It is precisely because he listened to Yuan Yunzhong's words that the emperor's father valued him more and more.

  He watched them get into the carriage and drive away, still waving.

  Song Jiyun couldn't help feeling soft when he saw it, and said: "I hope everything goes well for him."

   "Don't worry!" Yuan Yun said in the middle, "Grandfather will take care of him."

   Song Jiyun was surprised.

Yuan Yunzhong said: "Although there is no evidence to prove who killed Lord Bai or who ambushed me, my grandfather must have discovered some clues because of his shrewdness, and he will not let those people go, so he will agree with me to leave Beijing. Otherwise, he wouldn't have asked me to bring those letters to his old friends when we returned to Beijing."

  Song Jiyun was shocked, hesitantly said: "Could it be that Mr. Jinghu wants revenge?"

   "Huh!" Yuan Yunzhong's expression was a little cold, "If you can't stop killing with killing, it will only make those people more rampant."

   Under an avalanche, no snowflake is innocent.

  Song Jiyun admired Yuan Yunzhong's kindness to the common people and his ruthlessness to the court opponents.

  She poured Yuan Yunzhong a cup of tea and said, "Would you like to take a break?"

   During this period of time, Yuan Yunzhong has been busy with resettling refugees, and for a while, dark circles appeared under his eyes.

  Yuan Yunzhong smiled and said: "Okay!"

  But he threw the big welcome pillow beside her, lying on her lap.

  Song Jiyun pursed his lips and smiled.

   I thought he was so brave that he would directly pillow on her lap.

   Shall I tease him?

As soon as she thought about it, the carriage stopped suddenly, and Wang Hua, who was accompanying the carriage, reported through the curtain: "My lord, miss, the axle of the carriage with Fuling broke, and it stopped in the middle of the road. I have asked someone to help you." gone."

  Yuan Yunzhong gave a "hmm", Song Jiyun lifted the curtain and looked out.

   unexpectedly saw Song Ren.

  He was wearing the coarse brown clothes worn by porters, thanked the helper with a haggard look, and said, "It's my boss, she died in the capital, and I have to send her coffin back to her hometown in Jingdezhen, so that she can rest in peace."

  Song Jiyun glanced at the crooked coffin indifferently, put down the car curtain, covered Yuan Yunzhong's eyes with a smile, and said, "Hurry up and take a rest. I have to go to Jiangxi, and I still have to be busy!"

   King Ning is dead, but he has made arrangements in Jiangxi and even the two lakes. She even suspected that after they arrived in Jiangxi, one of them would need to be in Nanchang and the other in Jingdezhen. She didn't know when they could meet.

  Yuan Yunzhong didn't care what happened outside at all.

  Song Cumulus' hands were warm and soft.

His big slender white hand covered her blindfolded hand, and said lazily: "Don't worry, I'm sure I'll spend most of my time in Jingdezhen. Didn't the emperor say that? And let Du Tao Jingdezhen, this is me One of my errands!"

   "Eunuch Wan is definitely not feeling well." Song Jiyun thought about Eunuch Wan who was still the pottery supervisor, and said with a smile, "I just don't know when Lord Jiang will be transferred?"

   "Help me for a few more years." Yuan Yunzhong said with a smile, "I also kept Deng Chen."

  The two were gossiping, the obstacles in the middle of the post road were cleared, and the carriage moved forward again.

It's just that when they arrived at Tongzhou Wharf, they saw the lucky boat of Ruichang County King parked beside their lucky boat. Nanchang."

  He is now the new King Ning.

   Now Yuan Yunzhong's reputation for bringing down a vassal king is faintly spread among some aristocratic families, and no one dares to neglect him easily.

  Yuan Yunzhong replied "Okay" with a smile, and Chang Shi was polite.

  Chang Shi heaved a sigh of relief.

  A man wearing a long gown and carrying a burden asked around: "Which ship does Boss Song of Songjiayao Factory in Jingdezhen take to return home?"

  Chang Shi couldn't help looking at Yuan Yunzhong.

  Yuan Yunzhong did not worry, and asked Wang Hua: "Who is this person?"

  Wang Hua looked on tiptoe and said, "It seems to be the Master Ji Shuanghu Ji from Longquan Porcelain Ji Family."

  He quickly ran to inquire.

  Chang Shi took the opportunity to turn around and leave.

  Wang Hua came back and said, "He said he wanted to go to Jingdezhen to worship Boss Song as his teacher."

   Then you don’t have to go back to Jingdezhen with them, do you?

  Yuan Yunzhong said: "We will set off early tomorrow morning."

  Wang Hua should be, and accompanied Yuan Yunzhong into the cabin.

  The next day, the morning glow was overwhelming, and their ship was the first to set sail, slowly entering the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.

On the shore, Ji Shuanghu was looking around for a boat to Jingdezhen, but was bumped by a little beggar. Ji Shuanghu thought he was going to steal his things, so he grabbed the little beggar by the collar. But the little beggar relied on him and insisted on being his servant and accompanying him to Jingdezhen.

  Ji Shuanghu was so entangled by him that he had no choice but to let him sell himself, and took him on board the ship to Nanjing.

  The little beggar breathed a sigh of relief.

  Back then the Song family went to Dehua to learn how to fire their porcelain, and now it's his turn to go to Jingdezhen to see it.

  The little beggar stood confidently at the bow of the boat, showing a sly smile.


  (end of this chapter)