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Doomsday: I Have One More Keyword Than Others

Chapter 383 Du Ge super honest
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Chapter 383 Duge is super upright

"Where's Sima Lynch?" A rough voice came from the cell next to him, "Holly, I don't believe there are any pure eyes in this world, let alone that nobles have consciences, unless you tell me Sima ·Lynch’s scandal.”

 “Rean, shut up.” Feeling that his expertise was being questioned, Simon yelled angrily.

"Only an idiot like you would believe the story he made up." Rean mocked, "Idiot, didn't you see that he was just having fun? The precognitive martial spirit is not what he said it would do at all, and... I have never heard of someone who can awaken half a martial soul..."

 Simon looked at Doug suspiciously.

  Du Ge smiled and said, "Rean, you can try moving half a step to the side."

 “Why should I listen to you?” Li En said.

 The words have not yet finished.


Rean screamed: "What is it?"

“Rean, if you had listened to me just now, that piece of peeling wall would not have fallen on your head.” Duge smiled and continued.

With Simon's light, his consciousness covered several surrounding cells, and he knew the layout of the cells clearly.

There were a lot of water droplets gathering on the cold and damp cell wall. With Duge's current water control ability, it would be extremely easy to control these water droplets to make a piece of wall fall.

Rean suddenly stopped talking.

Simon walked over curiously and glanced at Rean's cell, his eyes widened at that moment.

Rean's head and half of his shoulders were covered with dust, and the wall above his head happened to fall off.

Wall peeling off is a common thing in prisons, but it is unusual for Doug to be right about it.

at this time.

Rean was looking at the peeling wall above his head in a daze. He was obviously shocked by Dougal's prediction ability.

"Now you believe it!" A small prank proved that what he said was true, but the attributes brought by integrity were quietly reduced. However, Duge was very satisfied with his masterpiece and did not care about this. A small loss.

“Mr. Holly, you can predict the danger as expected.” Simon walked back and looked at Doug with eyes full of admiration.

"What I just said is not called danger. I usually don't pay attention to things like this." Duge smiled, "And I must correct you. I don't predict danger, I only predict the disaster that is about to happen to others. "

"What happened to Sima Lynch?" Rean's voice came again, "If she is really a **** as you said, why did you save her?"

Duge was silent for a moment and said: "If Therma Lynch's adultery is discovered by Prince Nelson, Prince Nelson will accidentally kill her out of shame. Archbishop Lynch, who has lost his beloved daughter, will launch a mutiny, which will cause the Kingdom of Lucerne to be destroyed." Life is in ruins, and countless families will be destroyed."

 …” Simon.

 …” Rean.

"But after all the disasters have been carried away by me, then none of this will happen." Duge's tone was still calm, as if he was describing something that had nothing to do with him, "I not only saved Sima ·Lynch also saved countless families, and the price he paid was just my life."

 “And your family.” Simone added.

“Compared with the devastated Kingdom of Lucerne, sacrificing an Araus family is worth it.” Duge smiled, “I believe my father will understand me.”

"Gan! I still don't believe that there is a kind-hearted noble like you in this world." Rean said angrily, but Duge's increasing attributes have proved that he has long believed that Duge is an upright person.

"Whether you believe me or not, it doesn't matter to me at all. I'm not here to prove myself to you." Duger said, "I'm just telling you this to make myself feel better. Now that I've finished speaking, I feel happy." That’s more. Simon, you can go back and rest, don’t worry, I won’t make any more noise.”

 Simon did not move, but looked at Doug and said, "Mr. Holly, people like you shouldn't die like this."

"Okay, you've convinced me. I believe you are a qualified noble." Next to him, Li En's voice became more and more irritable, "If those dogs didn't seal my martial spirit, I would have tried my best to seal it." Get you out of this prison. You don't deserve to die for that filthy bitch, this filthier country..."

"Rean, don't complain about this country." Duge smiled, "Ignore those dirty nobles and observe the world with your heart. You will find that there are still many beautiful things in the world, and there are many worthy people. You go and protect it.”

"Ha!" Rean laughed disdainfully, "Only a fool like you can still believe that the world is beautiful. What the hell, Holly, who does all kinds of evil, turned out to be a good person. This thing is enough to overturn my belief. The world view has changed. You can go with peace of mind, Holly. If one day I can get out alive, I will definitely help you beat up that little **** Thema Lynch myself..." ˆ ˆ ˆ "You don't have to do this." Dougal said, " After going through this incident, she should have changed. We have to give everyone a chance to change their ways."

“But did they give it to you?” Li En said. “When you execute your execution tomorrow, there will be many people clapping and applauding, including those who have been helped by you.”

"What does it have to do with them if I help them? So what if I ask them to be grateful? They can't save me. How can I let them live in guilt for the rest of their lives?"

Rather than that, it would be better for them to watch me, the evil person who bullied them, die in front of their eyes, and then live happily for the rest of their lives. "Duggar smiled, "All I ask for is a clear conscience. "

Rean was stunned for a long time before he cursed with two words: "Idiot."


Perhaps realizing that he could not help at all in this matter, he simply stopped talking.

"Alas!" A sigh came from another cell, "This world is indeed not suitable for good people to live. Holly, I admire you, but I will never be a person like you."

"Rean is right, he is just a fool." Another cell gave his own evaluation, "I have nothing more to say, just wait to die!"

Douge’s attributes have been improving, and it has to be said that the new persona he has created for himself has taken hold among the people around him.

 At least in the hearts of these criminals, he is already an upright person.


 At this time.

Simon, who had been silent for a long time, seemed to have made up his mind. He suddenly took off the key from his waist and went to open Dougal's cell door: "Mr. Holly, you shouldn't die here, I want to let you go..."

"Well done, Simon." Rean said, "I respect you as a hero."

“Simon, you don’t have to do this.” Across the cell door, Doug held Simon’s hand that unlocked the door.

"Why?" Simon said, "It's midnight now. I'll help you attract other jailers in a while. No one will know that you left."

"I want to leave, and this prison can't stop me at all." Doug smiled, released Simon's hand, and held the cell door with both hands, using a little force.

With a heart-wrenching creaking sound, he ripped open the iron bars on the cell door.

 “This…” Simon was stunned.

"I understand." Du Ge looked at Simon across from him through the big hole that could allow people to drill out. "Having awakened half of the martial spirit is also awakening. Although I look like an ordinary person, in fact, under the martial spirit, Under the influence, I am very strong. The cell cannot stop me at all..."

"Why don't you leave?" Simon swallowed and asked blankly, "You are obviously on death row."

"What will you do when I leave?" Duge looked at Simon and continued to brush his integrity, "All of you will be questioned by Archduke Lynch. My conscience does not allow me to leave."


He pulled the iron bar back again, but perhaps because the workmanship of the ironwork was not up to par, the iron bar snapped apart when it was restored to its original shape.


 Doug’s attributes have increased a few points.

"..." Simon looked at Doug, his heart seemed to be blocked by something, and he was speechless for a long time. If he had any doubts before, now, he has completely believed that Doug is a good person, and he is always doing good for others. For your own sake.

"Idiot!" Rean's curse came from the side again, with a bit of irritability, "How can there be an idiot like you in the world?"

"I have offended Grand Duke Lynch, Prince Nelson, and many princes and nobles who admire Sima Lynch. Even if I escape from prison, where can I go?" Duge sighed, "I escaped indeed. It’s easy, but my father and my people will also be implicated by me!”

 (End of this chapter)