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Blast! The Group Favorite Fake Daughter Was Spoiled By the Film King and Cried

Chapter 2242 Trigger three tasks at once; Busy Branches
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Chapter 2242 triggers three tasks at once; Busy Branches

After hearing this, Feijiu became even more excited, "Then we have to speed up and go back quickly. I haven't seen Dabai in a long time."

Hearing Fei Jiu’s words, Gu Zhiqi secretly clicked his tongue.

 She also wanted to go back quickly, but it was obvious that there were still many things to deal with here.

Furthermore, Su Yunling is still in retreat, and she cannot go back even if she wants to.


“You can’t go back, maybe, you can expect our junior sister to come here to find us.”

As soon as Gu Zhiqi said these words, Fei Jiu was silent, stretched out his hand, touched his chin, and then said to Gu Zhiqi, "This is also a way. I will try to hack into Dabai's system and send out the news." Pass it on."

Gu Zhiqi: "Don't rush into the invasion yet. What is mission ⑥?"

As for task ⑤, she plans to leave it to Yun Qian to help her complete it, and she will complete task ⑥.

Hearing this, Feijiu thought about it belatedly, and then told Gu Zhiqi about the task ⑥, "Please create a Changying Army and appoint four leaders."

 Gu Zhiqi: “…”

 Why did the task of establishing the Changying Army also fall on me?

Feijiu: "Ah! Why is the upgrade task ⑦ also triggered?"

 Gu Zhiqi:? ?

Before Gu Zhiqi could ask, Fei Jiu took the initiative to tell Gu Zhiqi the content of the task, "Task 7, please create a law enforcement hall in the ancient martial arts world and select a qualified hall leader."

 Gu Zhiqi: “…”

 Very good, even the task of establishing the Law Enforcement Hall fell on her.

Although he was speechless, Gu Zhiqi started the task.

 The first step is to establish the Changying Army and the Law Enforcement Hall.

 Both these two forces need talents, not only with force value, but also with character.

 So, next, Gu Zhiqi took Jin Yuan to select a group of people.

  It doesn’t matter whether you are a good person or not, your character must be good. After passing the moral test, Gu Zhiqi and Jin Yuan began to train these ancient warriors.

Gu Zhiqi and Jin Yuan picked a lot of people, and it just so happened that after they were trained, they divided them into two waves, one going to the Law Enforcement Hall and the other staying in the Changying Army.

 Cultivation does not happen overnight. It will take a long time to train them well.

 It took several months just to prepare.

 In the third month of training the ancient warriors, Su Yunling finally succeeded in advancing.

As soon as Gu Zhiqi dismissed the ancient warriors and came out of the Changying Army training camp, a man came running towards him, "Gu Xiaoqi!"

From a distance, I saw a man running towards Gu Zhiqi while waving his arms.

Gu Zhiqi was a little surprised when he saw Tang Yichen.

Ever since Su Yunling went into seclusion, Gu Zhiqi has been busy, first with the remnants of the Tongtian Sect, and later with reconstruction matters. After the mission was triggered, he has been busy with training matters, but he has not seen Tang Yichen for a long time.

She remembered that she left Tang Yichen in the Immortal Medical Alliance to help guard Su Yunling, and at the same time, she could learn medical and poisonous skills from Ling Wanrong.

How did you escape from the ancient martial arts world today?

After shaking his arms at Gu Zhiqi, Tang Yichen trotted towards Gu Zhiqi. He first looked Gu Zhiqi up and down, and then said, "Don't tell me, except for your figure, you are wearing The Kunpeng mask looks a bit like Third Brother."

Some of those people should live to be five hundred years later. In order to avoid being recognized by future generations, Gu Zhiqi has been training them wearing masks.

Hearing Tang Yichen's words, Gu Zhiqi's eyebrows raised slightly under the mask. She got this mask from Su Yunling.

“Why are you here?” Gu Zhiqi asked Tang Yichen why he came.

Tang Yichen: "Third brother has advanced!"

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 (End of this chapter)