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Villain Reborn: Netori Harem in an Erotic RPG!

Villain Reborn: Netori Harem in an Erotic RPG!

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    Summary The fantasy world of Celestia, a blue star filled with wondrous magic, brutal monsters anduntless different races all spread on the hugentinents said have been created by the Goddess Celestia herself.But all is not adventure and bliss—there exists a man who causes the people tremble in fear, and even Celestia's blessed Hero can only beg forgiveness.That man is the 72nd Vampire Lord, one of the most powerful and charming men in Celestia, rumoured drag any woman he desires i his bed.He was a fearsome enemy of men and a secret delight for women.But...Nobody knows when or where this Lord came from.They only knew he was a gentle and loving husband but a cruel and brutal enemy.-------Lucifer died accidentally with his soul transmigrated i the body of a young vampire dying in a forest, lacking most of his memories.He feels determined use this handsome face live a great snd life after realising that this world is a Nri Eroge with RPG elements that he played in his loneliness.Reborn is a nameless side character, neither the villain nor Hero.Being a stray vampire with no noble ties, Lucifer desires live a happy life, slaying monsters and making his legal harem of beautiful women of all races.However, fate would seem stand in the way of his plans.Lucifer was always envious of a certain hidden boss, a member of the 72 lords and the only male Lord.Sadly, he never played the game's hidden ending, not knowing the truth while envying the 72nd lord.“The 72nd Lord will steal the heroines if the Hero doesn't enter any of their routes... That guy is so lucky...”Sadly, his fate seemed cursed! He accidentally had sex with the Protagonist's childhood friend by mistake, and now she is crazy about him!He made the Hero a cuckold, causing his world turn on its head!He made the game a [Nri Eroge] or an [NTR Eroge] for the original Protagonist.Slowly, the world's plot was changed by this unsuspecting old man, step by step, searching for the best beauties!His mind was blurry, with the vague memories of his past life and the message of someone special him planted in his dreams and mind.Lucifer must use all of his abilities, from charm, wits and libido, survive.He must push through this nightmare difficulty game and defeat the [Protagonist] while accidentally seducing and stealing the heroines on his way.All enjoy this snd chance at life. You’re reading “Villain Reborn: Nri Harem in an Erotic RPG!” on See all Hide

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