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Tangled in His Obsession (Seraphina)

Tangled in His Obsession (Seraphina)
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Tangled in His Obsession (Seraphina)

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    Read Tangled in His Obsession (Seraphina) by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereTangled in His Obsession by . Artist: Seraphina... Genre: Romance In 2009, at Reynolds Manor in Sunburst City, young Seraphina Bennett lived as a foster child. The Reynolds family was plagued by arguments, and Seraphina often hid in her room to avoid the tension. One night, she sneaked to the kitchen to find food. As she ate, she heard a car approaching and hid as a tall, handsome man named Leandro Reynolds entered the mansion. Seraphina was captivated by him but retreated to her room. Leandro, who had been away for a week, noticed Seraphina. They exchanged a few words, and he caught her when she almost fell. In that moment, Leandro realized she had grown up. A year later, Seraphina, now 18, eagerly awaited a family dinner where Leandro would return. However, he had been increasingly absent. When Leandro finally arrived, Seraphina wore a stunning red dress to catch his attention, but he introduced his girlfriend, Vivian, instead. Seraphina faded into the background, and seven years later, the story takes a new direction... Read Tangled in His Obsession