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Rise of a Dungeon Lord

Rise of a Dungeon Lord
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Rise of a Dungeon Lord

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    Summary “I was once a human being but now....”“I am a God!”~Ye Tian Quote #47In the year 3000, giant gates appeared all over the world, and with the appearance of these gates hordes of monsters appeared driving humanity the brink of extinction.Just when all hope was lost, the first hunters and awakened appeared. Using their superhuman strengths and abilities they launched aunterattack on the monsters.And with the awaking of powers, powerful humans gradually od out.With powerful abilities like flame manipulation and spatialntrol, for the first time, humans began show signs of reclaiming their past glory.thousands of years had passed, and awaked have bme people that are revered by allwith SSS class awakeners standing high above humanity with positions akin Gods and F class awakeners left for naughtpower and abilities had bme the had bme the deciding far in determining one's upper limit and futureSadly, unexpectedly Ye Tian wakes up in a strange classroom only find himself transported this strange world where power means everythingwith the inability awaken, just when he was about give up it appearedthe God-level Integration system!unfortunately just before heuld make the most of this, an accident happensBetrayed by his classmates and left die during his class dungeon raid.See how Ye Tian uses his system rise as a dungeon lord and make a name for himself in this world ruled by strength You’re reading “Rise of a Dungeon Lord” on See all Hide