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Rise Of The Dragon Emperor

Rise Of The Dragon Emperor
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Rise Of The Dragon Emperor

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    Summary Ronan Phoenix was the snd prince of the fireuntry of Avalon , whose only crime was simply exisiting.Born with unprecedented natural talents and superiror elemental affinity he was hailed as a once in a millenium genius , untill one fateful day everythingok a turn for the worse.In a world where those born with the forbidden element werensidered the most heinous criminals , Ronan became the enemy of the entire humankind once his real elemental affinity was revealed.An ancient prophecy forld the rise of a supreme who would wield the forbidden element and unite the entire human race ruling as the one true emperor , however the road thep was perilous and full of dangers .Follow Ronan in his adventures as he uses his talents overturn the order of the world as he rises from the cursed the revered , from an ant the Dragon Emperor! You’re reading “Rise Of The Dragon Emperor” on See all Hide