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I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

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    Summary The following were the talents of other cultivrs: Divine Spiritual Root, Unique Body, Double Eyes, Divine Bones.This was the talent of Chen Jingzhai: Bug Abuse.Chen Jingzhai did not have any unique talent until he found out heuld abuse bugs.When he euntered a new martial art, heuld instantly see the pros andns and the weakness of the art.When he fought, heuld notice his opponent’s weakness and use that his advantage.When he brewed pills, heuld abuse a special bug that allowed him mass-produce high-quality pills.Not only heuld diver bugs while cultivating, but also in some special circumstances.With the help of his new power, he began on a one-of-a-kind cultivation journey where he would bme a legend.You’re reading “I Have A Special Cultivation Talent” on See all Hide

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