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Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Chapter 2077
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Chapter 2077 Winston and Liam had smart and striking appearances. Their bearings were no less noble than that of royalty.

"Dad! Liam!" Alyssa rushed over to them immediately.

Winston forced a smile. Then, he directed a conflicted gaze toward Yuliana.

Liam stared at Yuliana. There was a flicker in his eyes as he tightened his fists subconsciously.

The moment Yuliana spotted Liam, her glistening eyes lit up and filled with eagerness. However, due to her noble identity, she could only restrain her emotions as she approached Liam step

by step.

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Women were best at understanding other women. Alyssa could clearly sense that...

The relationship between Yuliana and Liam wasn't that simple.

They had a story.

"Colonel." Yuliana looked up smugly and gazed at Liam with a deep look in her eyes. "Aren't you going to greet me?" Everyone's gazes were focused on this eye-catching pair in front of them.

Liam gulped before taking a step forward.

He lowered himself slowly and knelt on one knee. Then, he picked her hand up and kissed the back of her fair hand.

"Greetings, Your Highness." Everyone was flabbergasted.

Upon seeing that, Colene was the first one to get annoyed. She nudged Mandy with her elbow.

"A man should have dignity and not grovel. I understand if he bows down to God, his parents, or his wife. But how could he kneel before a young lady? When were any of the men in the Taylor family so humble?" Lyla tugged at the hem of her shirt.

"Lower your voice, Colene. She's a princess. Liam is just doing that out of formality..." "What formality? Which century are we living in now? So what if she's a princess? i

Colene was still dissatisfied. "This is not Kontina, and Liam isn't Kontinian.

Is it necessary for him to abide by their rules?" Mandy seized an opportunity to pull Miley aside. In a low voice, she asked, "Miley, how did Liam and this princess meet?" "There were two occasions when Liam escorted our country's political leaders to visit Kontina. He ended up staying with the royal family for a few days." Miley laughed awkwardly. "I guess that was when they met." "So, this princess came along with you so she could see Liam?" Mandy widened her eyes.

Looking at the proposal-like scene in

front of her, Miley put her forehead to her palm out of helplessness.

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The moment Liam got back up to his feet, Yuliana leaned forward without warning. She rested her hands on his shoulders and tiptoed.

The white coat over her shoulders fell to the floor as she gave him a peck on his lips.

Liam's heart pounded. He felt a surge of electricity run through his entire body, and his palms started sweating.

The people in the room exclaimed, "Wow!" The Taylor family members were shocked. Silas was so excited that he grabbed Rose's hands. He cried out, "Liam likes women! That's great...

That's a relief!" @» Rose pinched him on his waist. She was speechless. I While everyone's focus was drawn toward the romantic scene in front of them, Winston pursed his lips tightly.

Quietly, he turned around and walked away, looking dejected.

Alyssa noticed Winston leaving and went after him immediately.

"You don't look too good, Dad. Are you feeling unwell in any way?" She held onto Winston. Her gaze was full of concern.

"I'm feeling tired. Just wanted to go back to my room to rest." Winston closed his eyes for a moment.

"Lyse, ask Liam to come and see me in my room in a bit. I have something to

| say to him."