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Can Someone Please Explain This Situation

Can Someone Please Explain This Situation
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Can Someone Please Explain This Situation

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    Summary For the large sum of money help her husband, she chose be a surrogate mothervertly. Her sweetheart was out of trouble, but she became the woman of loose morals in his eyes. Misunderstanding, disappointment and sadness forced her divorce the man she loved from the childhood. When she was determined start new life, another man burst i her life. “You are my baby’s mommy and you are my wife!” A big surprise hit her that her baby’s Daddy, the man she surrogated for, fell in love with her at his first sight. His deep lovenvinced her believe the affection of love again. Unexpectedly, her ex-husband returned beg her rmbination. One was her childhood sweetheart, and the other was the man who loved her and gave her hope for a new life……Facing the two men, what is her choice?You’re reading “Can Someone Please Explain This Situation” on See all Hide