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A Divorce After My Rebirth by Gentle Rain in June

Chapter 781
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Chapter 781 Are You Choosing Happiness? When Irwin left Simeria, he never imagined returning. He believed Natalie would prioritize the Jarvis family for Luna's sake and remain rational no matter what.

However, just a short time later, there was news of her marriage with Austin and even of Luna...? When Irwin saw Natalie again, he looked at her with narrowed eyes.

"How could you?!" "Why can't I? Does leaving you and Cedric mean I can't choose happiness?" Natalie retorted.

"Is it really happiness?" Irwin asked, his tone tense, even though he tried to

suppress it. Yet, his restrained anger was noticeable.

Natalie gazed silently at the man across from her, whose eyes were now bloodshot.

Irwin got up and strode to her, pulling her off the couch. His eyes betrayed more than heartache.

"Natalie, we can accept your retaliation against us, but how could you do it this way? She's your daughter!" "Are you saying I made the wrong choice for my daughter?" Natalie's eyes shimmered darkly.

Irwin fell silent.

It was wrong! It was very wrong! How could a stepfather be compared to

a father? €» Natalie watched Irwin struggle inwardly and smiled. J "Irwin, ask yourself, are you worried about me and Luna, or are you grieving for him?" Irwin remained speechless.

Who was grieving for whom? How many times had Natalie acted so indifferently? It seemed that her eyes were filled only with indifference nowadays. But even so, Irwin couldn't help the suffocating feeling in his chest whenever he saw her.

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She was just too cold.

Yet, the level of indifference in this matter compared to before was


"Are you getting back at him?" "He's coming back!" said Natalie calmly, in stark contrast to Irwin's agitated tone.

Irwin stared at Natalie blankly.

Cedric was coming back? Irwin remained silent for a long time.

He couldn't suppress the increasing heaviness in his chest.

"So, you intend to have your daughter call another man her father before he returns?" n n "Natalie, how did I not realize how ruthless you could be?" Irwin trembled uncontrollably.

When Natalie sensed his trembling, she smiled.

"Have you forgotten how Cedric used to talk about me when Isabella was around?" Back then, Cedric repeatedly called Natalie a vicious woman because she was jealous of Isabella. He even believed her of resorting to underhanded means to attract his attention.

Finally, Irwin realized that Natalie was truly retaliating against Cedric.

"It's been so many years, Natalie!" Irwin's voice trembled. At this moment, he could hardly hear his own voice.

"Yes, it's been so many years!" Natalie


Even though it had been many years, what did it matter? Should the past hurts really just be left in the past just because they wished it? "If it's supposed to be over, then let it be over. Why come back?" If they were going to leave the hurts in the past, why continue it like this? Since when were things in this world so easy? She gave Cedric multiple chances, but his repeated disappointments and despair left her hopeless.

And now, Irwin felt she should still give Cedric a chance. Why? Because Cedric gave her a pair of eyes?! That was ridiculous!

"He has never let go of you! Don't you know that?" "Should I forgive him just because he hasn't let go?" Natalie asked Irwin mockingly.

Irwin was speechless. He couldn't find any words to continue.

Natalie was ruthless. Her words made his blood run cold.

Finally, he slowly released Natalie's clothes. He didn't want to face it anymore.

Irwin felt a despair he had never felt before when facing Natalie now! Natalie remained unyielding, refusing to give Cedric a chance despite others’ opinions.


Wed "I hope you won't regret this in the future," Irwin said as he looked into her eyes.

Then, he turned and left! Natalie remained rooted in the spot, thinking about Irwin's final words.

Regrest, huh? There was no need to discuss regrets as long as a person didn't invest emotions into something.

But what about Natalie? Natalie eventually regretted her involvement with Cedric and Irwin, as she had placed too much hope and faced despair when disappointment arrived.

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And now, things were different! Once Irwin departed, Rebecca followed suit and left as well.

Simeria enjoyed a brief period of tranquility, but everyone knew it was only temporary, especially since Clyde learned that Cedric was returning.

They knew that a storm would soon shatter this peace.

Since Zane's return, Bianca seemed | visibly happier.

Natalie glanced at Bianca and asked, yyette hasn't been causing trouble for you lately, has she?" Yvette wasn't a simple woman.

Bianca replied, "She's just a bit quirky.

There's nothing to fear!" That was the truth.

Natalie chuckled. She really didn't know what to say to Bianca.

Bianca looked at Natalie. "Nat." "Yes?" ""Are you really going to marry Lord Austin?" LYesiy "Well, that's good. Zane says Lord Austin is a reliable person. Being with him means you're spared from the greed of others in the Entes family!" A reliable person? Natalie seemed to have never cared about that aspect.

"Is Cedric really coming back?" Bianca asked Natalie.

After all, when Cedric left Natalie's side back then, he decided that he would never appear by her side again in this lifetime! If there hadn't been rumors about Natalie marrying Austin, Cedric wouldn't have returned, right? "It doesn't matter to me whether he returns,’ Natalie replied.

"That's good." Bianca nodded.

Although Clyde thought Natalie's way of ending things with Cedric was a bit crazy, Bianca understood Natalie.

At least in Bianca's eyes, a reliable person like Zane was better for Natalie than Cedric and Irwin.

If Natalie had any other choice, she | wouldn't have ended things with those fo : | two in this manner! ee